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  1. this methods actually makes perfect sense, ive always had a similar theory. But why not just use vitamin A to decrese sebum? Also has any one ever given any thought to how much money is made off of acne products. Why would the manufactuers of these products want to help cure you, they're making making rediculous amounts of money off of it. Its funny because when ever i have tried a new topical it seems to work and do great for the first week or so then its stops working as well and i continue t
  2. Are you sure its not from something else like bring outside or allergies because i have had no problems
  3. still no new break outs but some of my pimples that i had under my skin have like died and left i guess blood trapped under the skin
  4. i havent had any breakout either , maybe 1 or 2 very small pimples but thats it . I hope it keeps on working for me
  5. ya the zinc doesnt bother me either its the vitamin c i took two 2g's at once and puked now i just take one
  6. Ayron318 did you hear this from a reliable sorce? I take most of them in the morning
  7. the website said take the vitamin B thrice daily so thats what im doing. I also got every vitamin except for the multi. Ive notice a diffrence and this is my third day, my back is almost spot less besides faint redmarks and 2 small pimples. The pimples on my jaw line that were so badly enflamed are almost gone i figure at this rate tomorrow they should be reduced to mearly red spots.
  8. i went and bought all the vitamins, it wound up to be about $30. ive been taking them for 2 days now and can see that most of my acne is starting die down. I also use proavtive sulfur mask at night on the bad spots but i was doing this before hand. I hope this works i could live with the acne i had but a few weeks ago my jaw line broke out bad so i had to to something. ill keep you guys informed. Ive been taking my B complex three times a day as the website suggests ( morning, lunch and night)
  9. My name is chris Ive had mild acne for most of my teenage life. I started reading up on diffrent methods for cures and found the vitamin c method, and i feel like i might be vitamin defficient because of my lifestyle and eating habits. i did some more research through google and stumbled upon some other supplements that are supposed do help the combat against acne. In particular i found this site (http://www.vitamins-nutrition.org/vitamins/vitamins-acne.html) and i decided i am going to follow