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  1. I cant comment on the simple range but BP wise i would go for OXY, works well,but its quite expensive from superdrug. I always tryed to get mine from savers. Im of that now and on some prescribed tetrasyle or something. Hope it helps. :)
  2. I am currently using Oxy face wash which is quite good but if im honest i havnt noticed any real differance in my acne no matter what face wash i use.
  3. I use oxy 2.5% but i get it from savers where its only £2.50 so you might want a look into that.
  4. My regimen is abit differant but still works well. Morning: Oxy face wash Oxy on the spot (BP treatment) E45 cream Evening: Oxy face wash Oxy on the spot I get a few spots here and there but defiantely not as many as i used to.
  5. I use the face wash, works well and was better than any other face wash stuff i tried.
  6. 1-For people on the regimen and using oxy on the spot, how long does the average tube last you? for me its about 3-4 days and i think thats abit long. 2-For a moisturiser would Eucerin Intensive 10% w/w Urea Treatment Lotion be ok? i know its meant for your body really but i used it a couple of times and the results have been good. Anybody else tryed this? Response for any of those two questions would be great, thanks.
  7. Try Oxy on the spot 2.5% BP you can get from superdrug and most pharmacies. But its quite expensive and doesnt last that long.
  8. Thanks for that Melv any other options would be great
  9. Hi I am looking for a Salicylic acid 2% lotion for my acne, but cant seem to find anything. Any help would be really appreciated as i am desperate. Thanks
  10. You can get it from superdrug as well.
  11. I thought that to except on the Oxy on the spot packet it said to stop using it after 1 month unless being told to cary on by a docter or pharmacist.
  12. Come on people does nobody know the answer.
  13. Hi I have been on the regime for a month now and my spots have only partually gone. I read on the BP packet you should stop using it after 1 month. How long before i can start using it again. Thanks
  14. Hi first post I am currently using Oxy on the spot as cream and eucerin as a mosturiser. Could you tell me what you think was the best facewash. Thanks