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  1. I just have to add that there is NOTHING that can be swallowed that could ever help with scarring on your face or anywhere else.
  2. A permanent make-artist requires a license which most tattoo artists do not. They also have a kind of malpractice insurance to pay which makes them very reluctant to do things that they're not familiar with. A regular tattoo artist can do needling for you and would be cheaper, with the same results. When doing tattoos they perform something called a "blood line" where they're running the needles without deposting any ink. They'll run the gun with a mixture of distilled water and iodine, or dis
  3. Mare, Needling, IMO, felt like an opened up paper-clip being rubbed against your face. Bizarre analogy, but all I can think of in terms of sensation.
  4. Save your money for your education. You'd be doing yourself a bigger favor. I had 5 or 6 treatments and saw no improvement for scars or anything else for that matter.
  5. OMG, I totally thought needling was permanent. I had it performed 2 months ago and my results have been so much better than I ever dreamed. I can't imagine my scars returning. What a depressing thought!
  6. Needling has worked amazingly well for me, and I went in with no expectations. Just a wait and see attitude. Best thing I've done yet!
  7. Hi, you can e-mail him at [email protected] He's great to deal with!
  8. Hi, there, I also live in CT, and can tell you from a ton of research that in this area the doc's aren't really into skincare. Don't waste your $ on the MD Forte glycolic because it will absolutly not work on scars. If I wanted to see a surgeon about my scars I would pick Dr. Castiglione in Hartford. He is the best cosmetic surgeon in the state. Joel Schreiber is also very good.
  9. Mom, Why, what type of scars did you have before they were improved? What treatments did you have done that you can still see their "outline"
  10. When our skin becomes "damaged" and forms a scar, the scar makeup itself does not behave like "good" skin. It is poreless and cannot grow hair. Scars can be diminished but it will never be normal skin. It is like a fingerprint that is always with you. My scars have improved significantly but I can still see the outlines of where even the most improved scars are.
  11. Some of my scars raised about 80-85% and others about 25%, for about an overall 70% impovement. A perm. makeup artist did mine with a rotary hand gun.