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  1. There was a cyst beneath the skin with no redness on my back I had removed today that would produce puss. It was sliced and stitched. Has anyone ever had this done? The derm said it was probably an acne cyst at some point but then just instead of healing went really deep. Has anyone ever had this done? He said from outside it looked normal then when he cut said it was mostly scar tissue. I am just hoping the cyst is gone.
  2. The mistake I made was taking the derms excuses for not fixing my acne and then not going anymore. I should have just kept going back, showing them their uber awesome plan didn;t work these 6 weeks either and demanded a schedule for increased efforts.
  3. Try to get approved to stop shaving around the acne. Sure looks similar to razor burn, bumps to me. My friend got this approved and had a close trimmed goatee for 5 years in the navy. Shaving is making this worse for sure. Alot of that might be razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  4. Welp good luck then. I tried all the anti biotics out there plus retin-A, BA, salicylic acid, nothing got rid of mine.
  5. Wow nice experiment with ZERO control group. I'm not gonna lie, I drink alot of milk, but it is impossible for hormones or antibiotics to not be broken down by the liver. Anyways, where did you get the 1 year info on accutane before laser treatments? Also what is the needed time before surgeries (skin and non skin related) Thanks!
  6. I did 4 times as much as you for my first ever course so you might have built up a resistance and need to bump the dose.
  7. I would go to a Derm and say hey I am an adult, I've been fighting it for 10 years I'm ready to get rid of it then ask for Accutane.
  8. This is how mine went: First month 40mg ED I noticed dry lips and skin. 2nd month 80mg per day, dry skin, peeling lips, somewhat swollen. No change in acne except when I increased to 80 it had a bump of worse spots for about 1.5 weeks. 3rd 120mg ED the increase slightly agrevated the acne but that went down. At the end of the third month my Derm checked out my back and said "Oh great looks like your all cleared up" I was floored because in the mirror and on progress pics it looked like no c
  9. I just got off a 6 month course of Accutane maxed out at 160mg ED from the 4th month on. Well it destroyed all my acne, greatly reduced blackheads, and made my skin look 10 years younger (i'm 27) But there is still one huge cyst on my back that is under the skin and not red. Its obviously very deep but it still has pus. How bad is the surgery to cut this sucker out? Is it a full on sliced or more of a draining? Recovery time?