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  1. I want to try some of the dermadoctor products like the ain't misbehavin' line sounds pretty promising...pricey but good reviews has anyone every tried it? let me know how it did before I make a purchase please!!!
  2. i have the MAC 187 brush lol doesn't do too well with me it did in the beginning but i guess i needed something that is more heavy duty its only for lightweight application i was researching a bit and found that Laura Mercier suggests to use sponges for foundation application which i find very strange but she said that sponges have more control and are gentle on your skin heres the website for that... Must Have Makeup Tools its from oprah so they gotta be legit, right? anyways...keep the ad
  3. i am soooooo perplexed on the wide array of brushes there are out there for makeup the only brushes i use are my MAC foundation brush and blush brush which comes with the little blush compact quite sad if ya ask me i know they dont come cheap but a good quality brush makes your makeup look 10x better help me out girls! tell me what your makeup brush brands and types are that you think is an absolute must-have i need help with this one...i seriously think my foundation brush isnt the right brus
  4. omg! THANK GOD FOR THIS THREAD! i've been wondering why i get so oily at the end of the day and wonder why everyone else's makeup looks so matte and clean figures i will look into the Mac blot powder how much is it btw?
  5. i just recently switched from Mac to Clinique and love their foundation too bad it doesnt match my skin tone it seems like thats a pretty common problem w/ Clinique users
  6. i love the tea but since i'm low on dough [starving college student] i ran out of the tea and wasn't able to buy more the tea gave me smoothe skin and people noticed i was glowing only about 1-2 cysts would pop up now and then but nothing too major when i stopped drinking cuz i ran out, my acne came back with a vengeance right now im suffering from inflammation, redness and cysts everywhere i wish i can get more im just waiting for my paycheck to roll in so hopefully i can buy the cheap ver
  7. i absolutely love this stuff! everyone has been saying how great my face looks now! most of my acne has disappeared but there are still some that are noticeable i was wondering if maybe tea brands make a difference? i went to lupicia (that tea store in the malls) and their tea was the same price for the get georgeous tin the lipton tea that i got was 2 for $1 at target
  8. I Know Each To There Own, And Everyone Has Diffrent Skin Clinic Is Reallllyyy Bad For The Skin As It Has Such A Bad PH Balance...if It Doesnt Effect Now It Can Or Will I The Long Run. PH Balance Is Important. really???? but i LOVE Clinique! isn't their makeup geared toward skin care?
  9. i've always wanted to take an allergy test just to see if i was really allergic to dairy how do you get one? :think:
  10. does it have to be 2% salicylic acid? i accidentally bought the st. ives apricot cleanser with 0.5% salicylic acid
  11. it could be from not changing your pillow case enough. i read online to do it every 2 days to be on the safe side. rubbing the oil on your face when you wipe off the drool might be something since you're touching your face? i usually wipe it off with my sleeve haha! but i change my pillow case every 4 days since i have 4 pillows and switch the sides and stuff maybe i should do it every day? but my laundry would pile up! *sigh*
  12. this is very very VERY embarrassing for me even though I know a lot of people actual do this in their sleep but anyway... i drool excessively. ugh! its soooooo gross and so unattractive! i always have to wake up in the middle of the night and wipe it off ewwwwe! i always get grossed out! yuck! yuck! well...i realized that my acne is only on the bottom of my cheek and bottom part of my jaw. its also on the upper part of my neck and i'm wondering if my bad sleeping habit is a result of it. i d