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  1. In my opinion, you don't have to have a certain number of pimples, or have acne in this or that area to take Accuane. Despite the opinions of some people on this board, I think Accutane should be considered by anyone who has stubborn acne, specifically cystic acne, that doesn't respond to antibiotics or topical treatments. In my situation, I had one, sometimes two, really deep really bad cystic pimples every month. This probably doesn't seem like a lot to some, and perhaps it isn't, but when
  2. I'm on Accutane, and have been for about 2 months now. I've experienced very dry skin (lips especially), some back pain, and maybe a bit of redness. Other than this, however, it has done all I hoped it would. My skin looks great. So here's my dillema: I've read you should take Accutane with food, and that milk is a particularly good thing to down it with. I've also read, however, that we should avoid vitamin A, a nutrient that is found in milk as well as other foods which are really good f
  3. Trying to imagine yourself after death is like trying to remember yourself before birth. Kinda pointless. Life itself, however, isn't pointless. You shouldn't look for some kind of divine reward or punishment to justify your life or your actions. That kind of sheit is for weak people. The point is to make this place, where we all are right now, the best you possibly can. If there were a single reason or 'point' to this whole thing, then damn it would kinda suck once we got the job done. W
  4. I feel your pain. If its really getting bad, or if you are just sick of it and want to drop a nuke on your acne... check out Accutane. Hate to see a cute girl down. ^^
  5. This may not mean much, but you sound like an intelligent, sensitive person and that is beautiful. I don't think you need anything but your own guts to find the strength you need... you've made it this far which shows you're pretty damn strong already. Wish I could do or say more..
  6. I feel your pain. Once, in the gym, I saw someone I knew and stopped to talk for a sec. I was trying with little success to hide a totally monster cystic pimple that had gotten so out of control it actually bruised me (it was in the spot center of my forehead), and he was like, "damn, what happened to your face?" real loud like. I mumbled something about hitting my head (seriously, it could have passed for a head wound) but I basically retired myself to my house for a few days. I don't know
  7. I really didn't have a flair up to speak of after starting Accutane, but my acne was mild to begin with (one or two deep ones a month...very oily skin). Perhaps my case is rare, but I've only had one deep zit after starting my treatment (on the second month now). It did its thing way quicker than usual, and now I'm more or less clear. I did experience several of the other symptoms, such as initially extra oily skin, redness, very dry lips (still using medicated chapstick), and about 1-2 weeks
  8. I'm just about to start my 2nd month of accutane today, but for a week or so my back was really really sore along the spine. I didn't worry too much as it seems like this symptom is almost as common as the dry lips (which is worse in my opinion).
  9. Starting today I'm going to be off accutane for 2-3 days until I get a refill. Have you been off your treatment yet? Maybe you can answer your own question now since I have the same one. Thanks!
  10. I'm almost out of accutane for this month, and I've got to get a new Rx for my refill. I'm wondering if the two or three days between when I'm out and when I get more will have any effect on my treatment, or if I'll notice any change from the current condition of my skin. Thanks!
  11. I've been on it just about 1 month. I don't get stomach pains, but I do go through spells where my back just aches and aches along my spine, especially my lower back. I don't know about your stomach thing, but I'm going to accept this pain to get through to the end...
  12. I went on and off Tetra for about 5 years. I think I first went on sometime in High School, though it could have been just after. I think I'd describe my experience with Tetra like this... its a pain in the ass, but for my moderate acne it did help. I by no means was free of acne.. I'd still get sometimes several deep cystic infections and the little ones were always coming and going. I got sick of the side-effects (for me these include nausia as you have to take it on an empty stomach, and
  13. Just in case anyone was curious, I wanted to tell people how my acutane treatment was going in the early stages. I've been on 40mg acutane, twice a day for about 18 days. I've still got another 12 days before I go back in for another perscription (and another blow to my wallet). My skin type is oily/dry (nice huh?) but generally not what people would call "bad skin". I decided to get on acutane because although the benzol peroxide treatment from this site has worked wonders when it comes to
  14. I think I might have given the wrong impression about my experience on the road. It wasn't do nothing... I did shower. Its just that I exposed myself repeatedly to things that are supposed to be acne causing like grime, sweat, stress, poor diet, etc. Maybe they're not? I showered sometimes 3 times a day when I stopped in one city or another for about a week each. During that time, I used whatever crap bar of soap they provided to wash, or something cheap from a drugstore. No topical medica
  15. I took it (tetracycline) through high school and some of college. Got off it for about 2 or 3 years, then back on. So this stint I've been on it for about 1.5 years I guess. Last summer I had to do something... I was traveling around a lot for work and teaching classes, so there was nowhere to hide if I broke out. I've heard people build tolerances to antibiotics like this quickly, or at least they can, but I'm staving off the very worst of it with my happy pills. Still, it ain't perfect...