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  1. I'm a devout user of L'Oreal Voluminous mascara.
  2. Diesel is the brand I wear for sneakers. I also like shoes by Cole Hahn and Born. I'm not too picky about brands but I do like to have real leather and comfort.
  3. Ah yes, a thread that was made for me! For awhile now I've had a thing for L.A.M.B. bags by Gwen Stefani. I just love her style. I also like Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. I usually buy these bags on ebay, as the full price is just a bit too much for my taste. I probably have about 30 bags by now, which is too much, but I still can't stop looking at new merchandise.
  4. Almost anything by Nine Inch Nails. Trent is able to express things that I can't put into words. Not to mention that he's a musical genius.
  5. My local organic store was out of Dr. B.'s Tea Tree soap so I bought Dr. Woods' Tea Tree Castile Soap, which appeared to have the same ingredients. My skin does feel less oily than usual and no new breakouts. I just had a bad breakout recently so now that my skin has calmed down again it's a good time to try a new regimen. It's only been 4 days so time will tell, but I'm optimistic.
  6. Congratulations Amber! Your story has inspired me to try this soap. Like you I have tried numerous treatments with varying degrees of success. As I'm entering my 18th year of acne (lord help me) I realize I won't be "growing out of it" anytime soon. I'm crossing my fingers that this will work for me so I don't have to rely on prescriptions or the dermatologist. Be sure to post some updates, and congratulations again.
  7. I try new mascaras from time to time but I always come back to L'Oreal Voluminous.
  8. Several possible problems: - The moisturizer wasn't dry yet, causing too much of the powder to stick in some spots & clump giving a cakey look. - Too heavy of layers. Apply several light layers, buffing it in for coverage. Your brush should have just a light layer of visible powder. - Wrong formula for you. If your skin tends to be dry & you feel the matte formula was too matte, then try semi-matte. A lot of us here with very oily skin prefer the matte or intensive as our skin's o
  9. My question is somewhat similar to Sarah's. I used EM for the first time this AM. I washed my face with Purpose, applied Cetaphil moisturizer, and applied the EM with a flat brush. I am happy with the coverage that it has given me, but I don't like the close up view, it looks very cakey. It almost makes me look older. The color I used was fair medium matte and I have also ordered FM semi- matte and the multi-task matte. My skin is oily and fair with some pink tones. Did I not blend enough?
  10. FYI I've been seeing SJP Lovely gift sets at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $35 or $40. Great deal!
  11. I'm in love with Marc Jacobs Perfume. Best perfume I've smelled in quite awhile. Lately I've been intrigued with Tom Ford Black Orchid. I picked up a sample but I have yet to wear it.
  12. I would be cautious if you already have dry eyes, as one of the common side effects is dry eyes. I also have chronic dry eyes (thank you Accutane) so I will not get the procedure done. However, if you do experience dry eyes as a side effect you can look into getting punctal plugs which are small silicone plugs that are inserted into the opening of your tear duct. The plugs allow your tears to stay on the eye longer. They don't always work though, as I have tried these twice and I could not t