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  1. best SPOT treatment ever

    It the best thing out there for spot treatment! Been using it for years and none of the drugstore spot-treatment works as well. I use diluted Australian Tea Tree Oil. In order to avoid irritation: 1) use only diluted tea tree oil 2) use only as spot treatment and not all over your face 3) apply as last skincare step, after moisturizer
  2. Great at first, but then drying

    Took away 95% of my acne in first month, reduced redness and did not dry out my skin.I felt like I had found a miracle! However, after using up my first bottle (~3months), I repurchased yet I feel like this time it is not working as great anymore as it is a bit too drying and makes my skin red. Maybe I need a break from it..I do not know. But worth a try.
  3. Great for skin tone, bad for acne

    I have combination/oily, sensitive acne-prone skin. I wanted this to work really bad because it did improve my skin texture and reduced redness dramatically, however after a week I felt like it was a clogging my pores a bit and increasing the amount of blackheads. I still use it on my dry patches and it works well for that but not for acne.
  4. Great if you have high androgen levels

    Since my acne was mainly caused by high androgen levels, drinking 2-3 cups a day for month cleared up most of my acne which I could not get rid of for 2 years. It may not work if you have acne due to other reasons or other hormonal imbalance, but it works like magic for me.