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  1. So about 18 months ago I started a treatment of accutane for acne. I was taking two pills per day, for about 5 months. I just wanted to give everybody a warning about some other unforeseen consequences of the does. First off, I am a 26 year old male. While taking accutane, and since going off it, I have developed dozens of moles throughout my body. Some of these are in embarrassing areas like my lips (the actual lips). Even 1 year after going off accutane I still am developing non-cancerous mol
  2. I awoke a couple of nights ago and noticed a small scar on my upper lip. After shaving I could still see two little hairs in the scar. I had no idea ingrown hairs could cause scarring (and it all happened very quickly). I always thought hairs didn't even grow in scar tissue. Has anybody else ever experienced scarring from ingrown facial hairs? What should I do to remedy this, or prevent it in the future? I'm still hoping it will go away or just start to heal quickly, but I doubt it... any ti
  3. you really should stop using all topicals while on accutane. It looks like your face is severely inflamed from them. All you really need to do is use a gentle skin cleanser like cetaphil, and a good sunscreen during the daytime. Excessive sunlight will make your face redder, and will lead to longer lasting hyperpigmentation. use a face cream at night that has petrolatum. Something like cerave face cream is good. good luck.
  4. I had a similar experience couple of weeks ago when I went to New York on vacation. After two weeks of walking a lot in 20 degree weather my nose looked permanently red. It's been like 2 weeks since and it's still pretty red and strangely colored Thankfully I live in a warm area.
  5. It'll take at least 7 days before you start feeling some side effects (probably the chapped lips). Make sure to take it with a fatty meal since that will help your body absorb it faster.
  6. good luck with everything, but I would recommend taking your pill after dinner. Accutane is better absorbed if its taken after a fatty meal. If you want it to work faster and be more effective take your pill following a large meal.
  7. I'm pretty sure that exfoliation alone is not a problem, and is actually good for your skin. It's mostly the method used for exfoliating. Yes, there is a problem with exfoliating if you use products that contain harsh ingredients. There are other methods of exfoliating that won't create a lot of irritation. I will probably try the baby brush method soon, since I still get whiteheads on my nose, although overall the water method is more effective than using products. Also, if you're a guy, shavin
  8. I'm a big fan of it too. It's really hassle free and has reduced discoloration on my face. I also started washing my hair with water, and my forehead cleared up after that. Just imagine all those years of using chemicals bombarding the skin. I'm hoping that in a couple of months my skin will be back to normal.
  9. It's strange how your body can react to certain foods. I started the paleo diet (no grains, dairy, breads etc), and also started washing just with water. I'm still getting good results after nearly two weeks. More improvement in that time than in the previous 8-9 months. I'm pretty sure cutting out cleansers is also helping your skin out a lot. A lot less chemicals being put on the face, leads to less irritation and no dry skin. Hope things continue going well is your name a reference to the
  10. yeah, I've noticed that a bit of sun every day (like 20 minutes) helps the skin heal faster. Also improves the overall tone. Just make sure to use a cleanser for sensitive skin, and some SPF now that the summer is coming.
  11. yeah, I had the same experience too after starting only with water. For a while I was using septra along with just washing with a gentle cleanser, and using moisturizer. Even that was too drying for me. One night I just took the plunge and washed only with water. That was only a week and a half ago, and my face has pretty much stopped breaking out. My color looks normal again (no redness after washing), and my skin doesn't even get dry. I think at a certain age, probably past the teenage years,
  12. no, it's not recommended. Your skin will become extra sensitive and bp will just cause a lot more dryness and redness. Accutane takes care of everything for you. You just need to wash gently and moisturize.
  13. haha, I don't think it does. But I could never imagine using aloe vera during the day. It makes the face look very tight and uncomfortable.
  14. Just use oil blotting sheets. Those should hold you over until night time. Rite Aid sells some pretty good ones. I sweat too much too. Carry around a tissue or handkerchief, and drink plenty of water.