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  1. I could be totally wrong, but as soon as I read ur post I thought of Morgellons...I recently read about it in a magazine and couldn't believe what I was reading....well hopefully it's not this but here is a website and u can search it online....good luck! Morgellons
  2. I love What Not To Wear!! Clinton and Stacy are hilarious! : )

  3. #2 def....you look the best with that style
  4. I've only been using the Crest Strips for a short time, so it's too soon to see any difference...I dunno if it's just me, but does anyone else get a pool of spit in their mouth?? Maybe I'm just weird lol ~Jenn~
  5. I tried the tinted moisturizer and I think it broke me out so I stopped using it and my face seemed better. ~Jenn~
  6. I actually used the Organic tinted moisturizer....I really liked the way my skin looked, but I found that it was breaking me out so I stopped using it
  7. I was actually considering the surgery too...my eyes are pretty bad (-6.75 in contacts for both eyes) I dunno if I'd actually go through with it...but here's a site that's just about Lasik: Lasik Q & A Hope this helps ~Jenn~
  8. jennb2785


    just me!
  9. oh, it does help. thanks a lot. what makeup do you use now?
  10. I used to use BM all the time, and was getting cystic acne that would last for weeks and sometimes months. As soon as I stopped using it and switched over to natural make up, my face cleared up! Hope this helps!
  11. I've been using Neutrogena Acne Mark Fade Peel, which has salicylic acid in it, for about 2 years and it does work, but gradually. Just thought I'd contribute. ;)