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  1. @Will_from_Barcelona Thank you so much for the article and the help, Winter Break is coming up soon and I'll try and make an appointment with a Derm. I'll try my best to be healthier in general when it comes to working out and diet as well. I read online about Fish Oil pills and how they can really reduce oil and boost hydration which I might try along the break as well. Thanks again! @MrBakery The day I posted this I had washed it a few times out of pure frustration that my skin
  2. Hello, I'm a 16 year old boy and I would like to know some tips or advice you guys have for my skin. I have: Oily but dehydrated skin, I produce a lot of oil around my T zones (nose and forehead), majority of my acne is located on those T zones, I have giant pores, when I make a "face" my forehead becomes very detailed and somewhat leathery & wrinkly, I drink a lot of water but don't eat that healthy, I don't exercise too often only just ab & bicep workouts once a week, I used the a
  3. I currently use the Acne.org Regimen with Jojoba oil, and have realized after putting everything on, my skin will get tight and dry but at the same time oily and greasy in certain areas of my face. I've tried lowering the amount of cleanser, and even adding some more moisturizer but it never truly works. Any suggestions??!?!
  4. Hello Acne.org users! Since around 8th Grade I have had moderate acne (In 9th Grade Currently) I ordered the regimen and have been using it for about 5 days now (ik its not a lot) but every morning it seems like my skin is getting clearer and clearer! But since there aren't any extremely noticeable pimple on my forehead, I realized I have a decent amount of semi dark spots on my skin from past pimples. Assuming they were scars, I looked up what forehead acne scars look like and they definitely a
  5. LifeRuined123 Ok thanks! Yeah most the pimples I pop are with a sterilized needle, but I will try my best to stop popping my pimples.
  6. AcneVM Thanks for the feedback! When you say "Take it easy" do you mean only washing my face with water and then moisturizing? Or do you mean that I shouldn't freak out about it? The main thing that sucks is that not a lot of people my age have acne so I just feel extremely different. I also get more whiteheads that are extremely noticeable.
  7. I have had a small amount of acne since 8th Grade but now being in 9th Grade I have gotten a lot more. I have most of my acne around the far back right side of my face, forehead, and chin. I'm fairly sure I have oily but dehydrated skin. I currently use Cetaphil Facial Cleaner and Cetaphil Moisturizer, I haven't seen any improvement and it might've even gotten worse. I don't know what products to use + I have been seeing this "Caveman" regimen and only wash your face with water regimen and was w
  8. Does this truly work? And does it also work with oily skin?