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  1. really good writing. made me think of some of the best memories ive had. well done
  2. nice! haha stupid jerk wow im glad she got what was coming to her. One time I was hanging with my friends, who all have perfect skin, and one of them joking said to me "man you look like Alfred E. Newman" (The guy from MAD magazine covers). I said haha really? He goes "Yeah, but instead of freckles you have acne". one of my other friends got kinda mad at him for sayin it and afterwards hes all "ooh sorry i dint meant to hurt your feelings or anything" i pretended not to care but i have never f
  3. sometimes they just take a rly long time to form. keep spot treating it with bp and it will come. def dont try to pop it when its like this
  4. i found this randomly while looking at some stuff on obama on the internet... http://www.thermaclear.com/shop1/TAMDOFGMZ...utm_content=adv anyonr heard of this or have any thoughts? im sure its bs but what on earth is it???
  5. complex 15 just doesnt give enough moisturizer. Its got a rly good consistency andin ungreasy and stuff but it provides barely any moisture at all. thats why i switched to cetaphil, which is way more moisturizing but also sucks cus its greasy and feels/looks disgusting. is there anything in between here?????
  6. hmmk thanks ill try to slowly add more...hope my skin doesnt get too dry cus i think its just starting to get used the half finger
  7. yeah i had a similar experience once. the problem is that youre popping them. I did this too and it makes it worse, thats why they keep coming back in the same place. Just put BP on the area every morning and night and do not pick at or pop anything...it'll be much better in a few days
  8. hey i been doin the regimen for about a month now and starting to see some results (slowly but surely) and had a question about the amount of BP to use. Dan says you should work your way up to a full finger of 2.5% every night and morning, so i was wondering if I should only use half a finger because I use Clean and clear persa gel 5% BP. This is the amount I currently use and I feel like if I used anymore It'd be overkill on my skin. Should I stick with this amount or keep working up to a full
  9. hey thanks a lot for the response. just wondering since I live in Canada how/if that would affect things if i wanted to order
  10. I was wondering if theres any possibility that dans products could ever be sold in stores. Since so many users like it better than most similar products, it seems to me that it could only be a huge success for them to be sold in stores everywhere. I realize this might not be realistic, I guess im just kinda frustrated that i cant order stuff online and am forced to use the store products like CC persagel. Still..is there any chance??
  11. amazing man...it didnt seem to be workin for ya in the first few months but damn good thing you stuck with it congratz
  12. cool, thanks alot for the tips. i guess ill just go with the Bp and the moisturizing and nothin else for a while and see how it works
  13. hey CAKD, i only just started using a glycolic acid product (proactiv revitalizing toner) and ive got a few new zits that I know wouldnt normally be there. You said it might cause an initial breakout, but are you sure this will stop after a while? do u know if glycolic acid can continuously cause breakouts if i keep using it???cus thats what seems to be ahpppening with me but i just rly like the way it makes my skin look