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  1. lifesucksw/acne

    Zinc Oxide...is It The Cure? (Experiment)

    Did Desitin work for you?
  2. lifesucksw/acne

    Desitin for that face (Day 1)

    Did it work for you?
  3. lifesucksw/acne

    My acne keeps getting worse?!

    Hairline means that it is probably saomething you're using in your hair! so just look at your hair products!
  4. Heyy, I use the Biore Acne scrub and it's not that bad. It did improve my skin somewhat. It just dries me out but nothing a moisturizer cant fix. I would recommend using it like 2x a week.
  5. lifesucksw/acne

    OH GOD

    OH GOD

    Sooo I started to use this because it was recommended to my friend by her dermatologist and it had good reviews. I used it for a couple of days and it DRIED ME OUT, I got reddish dry flaky skin, it made my pores look HUGE even under makeup... that being said, it doesnt even feel like it's properly cleaning my face? I discontinued use today because my face way unbearably dry and itchyyy... Idk why everyone recommends this..
  6. lifesucksw/acne



    I have been using this ointment EVERY night all over my face and nothing happened so dont worry, just use it!! I started to break out AFTER I stopped using this and switched into Nivea... I guess my face got used to this type of moisture?
  7. lifesucksw/acne

    Biggest Mistakes People Make to Treat Acne:

    why should we avoid witch hazel? I thought it was supposed to be good for your skin?
  8. Hey guys, I am currently SOOO frustrated. Here is some background: I never used to have acne not even as a teenager, im talking not even one pimpleeee (knock on wood). I had a pretty bad diet in college and I STILL didnt break out. I never even thought about acne lol I used to be happy haha Anyway, I started law school this year and idk if it's the stress or what not, I BREAK OUT LIKE CRAZY on my cheeks and chin. like my skin is so bumpy and frustrated. It is dry and flaky and large pores. It is just bad. I wash my makeup off every single night with Almond Oil and then use a gentle cleanser morning and night. I make sure every bit of makeup is off my face before I sleep. I would moisturize every day as well (I have dry skin). I used ACV vinegar for a while, seemed to work a little but not enough so I switched into witch hazel (the Dickinson one) and that didnt have bad or good effects on my skin. I was still breaking out (everyday I would wake up with a new bump). I used witch hazel for about a month, did nothing so I switched into ACV toner (diluted of course). I thought it was gonna be fine since I used it before with no purging. BUT after 1 night of using it, I got like 10 new pimples on my cheeks AND I didnt change anything up... I am frustrated. Am I purging? I also used this before with no purging...I am confused and frustrated...