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  1. I recently broke out pretty badly around my lips and after watching Dan's video about lip-balm, I guess I know why. I used a random girls lip-balm which she left at my house. Only used it once but now I’m paying the price. Guess you never can be too careful. Any suggestions for making acne around the lips go away, besides the regimen? It really is pretty gross, more and more whiteheads keep forming around and on my lips. I have popped a couple safely using the instructions by Dan but I guess t
  2. I have had a dark red mark/scar on my nose now for so long. I'd say at least over 6 months. I guess it's not that bad, and only noticeable in certain lights, but it bothers me so much. I need to get rid of it! I am currently using Dan's BP regimen (Cleanser, BP, Moisturizer), but I avoid using the BP on my nose as I know it's prone to leaving red marks. So please can someone give me something that actually works! Maybe someone has had a similar problem? Conor.
  3. I'm just about to start using Glycolic Acid 10% Night Treatment, in an attempt to get rid of my red marks. Can anyone tell me what order to use it in the BP regimen? I'm guessing after the BP, once a day (at night). Is that right?
  4. it's all the same. go to your supermarket and whatever is there will be the exact one you need. I have just applied Apple Cider Vinegar to my nose and its suddenly become even more red!! Edit: The (new) redness faded and then I broke out with a pimple on my nose next to the old mark. BP seems to have reduced the new pimple well, however now I'm paranoid about applying apple cider vinger again in case I break out again. I've ordered a glycolic acid product which I should receive soon. Hop
  5. thanks for the recommendation. do you know the best place/site to buy apple cider vinegar from in the UK?
  6. I have had a darkly colored mark/scar on my nose for over 6 months now, and it doesn't seem to be fading at all. Its starting to get depressing. Anyone have/had a similar problem, and know of any products that will get rid of it? By the way I am on the BP regimen, and have been for ages, this is not clearing the mark. Any help will be great .. It's annoying because I feel like I am the only person to have had this problem ever.
  7. I am looking for a 10% Alpha Hydroxy/ Glycolic Acid product in the UK to use in the regimen on my back. Can anyone tell me where I can buy this, either in local stores or on websites preferably. I've checked www.lookgr8.co.uk. but the lowest percentage of glycolic acid they sell is 12% and I want to get the regimen right. So, I'm looking for a 10% glycolic acid product. Please help.