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  1. to sunde- Thats unfortunate that you had that experience with Vitamin E lotions, but do try RoC Moisturizer spf 15 with vitamin e. Here is link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/RoC-Moisturizer-Comp...7941&sr=8-2 The Bioskincare Cream is from the website Bioskincare.com
  2. my guess would be due to increase blood flow to the face when you are sleeping which maybe make it look redder when you wake up. After shower, (hot shower im guessing?), same applies. Hot shower, increases blood flow.
  3. Benzaclin contains BP. And from what I hear about BP, it does make red marks heal slower.
  4. I am still on Accutane right now, on my 5 of 6 month regimen, totally clear of acne. Now left with red marks, and I started using Bioskincare Cream. I think its working great. Big improvement every week that friends and family noticed(on my 3rd week this week) I also use Aveeno Ultra Calming cleanser and RoC Moisturizer with Vitamin E(SPF 15).
  5. You might want to try Aveeno Ultra Calming cleanser, I think it would work great for you..
  6. Day 26 I havent been loggin much so I guess its time for me to do so. I am near finishing my first month of 30mg. I, however, is still breaking out, and have alot of new and old pimples. The pros I guess is the fact that I am not oily as I once use to be. But definitely the pimples are taking forever to either heal or go away, while new ones keeps on coming. I have an appointment with the derm. on wednesday and I know I will push to have this increased. I am thinking that since they start
  7. Day 16 So today is Day 16. I think I am having my IB.. Let me take that back, I know I AM HAVING MY IB!!! I got 6-8 new cystic pimples!! and its pissing me off!!!. In addition to the new cystic pimples, I still have my red marks!! and its making it look even worst!! I am really hoping this is just IB and it will not continue. Not that much dryness anymore, just chopped lip.. I cant wait till next month when my dosage gets increased!! I really hope this gets better soon.. !!! As far as
  8. Day 14 So last time I updated, was day 11, and it was the night of my bday.. and guess what? I forgot to take my pill that night!!. =/ so I guess i am lagging 1 pill back from my day timeline.. So far, I havent had major side effects other than dry lips. and occasional join pains. I have some(4) new cystic pimples on the left cheeks. I am hoping they will go away soon.. I am hoping that my derm increase my dosage after this month hehe. Not much reporting other than, I successfully av
  9. Hey H3, Im not sure if Aveeno is available in australia.. Might wanna try online?? As far as what your beautician said, 3 liters of water is definitely good for the body and would take a whole lot of adjustment if you're not used to it. I forgot the exact recommendation for girls and guys. I think it was 2.5 liters for girls, and 3.2 for guys.. and a little more if you work out.. That should hopefully help with the dryness.. They said that it might get worst before it gets better. So ho
  10. gluck on the operation.. hope all goes well..
  11. Day 11 So tonight is my birthday!! woo hoo, im turning 23!! Anyway, it sucks! I cant drink.. Wahh.. anyway, ill focus my mind into the choice of better skin or alcohol. easy choice there! Skin it is!! No to alcohol!! lol.. Hopefully I wont go too much psycho on my bday bash as my friends try to tease me of alcohol. haha
  12. hey h3, We started almost the same time.. You are about 1 week ahead of me, but hang in there. I am sure your bf thinks your still the same beautiful girl he saw and seeing. About the Itchy and flaky, I hear suggestions of trying Aveeno Ultra Calming cleanser and Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer to help with the itchiness and the flakiness. Maybe see if those products work for you.. I know I also have a bad habit of touching the face. So Maybe try thinking that your hands are full of g
  13. Day 10 Accutane seems to be doing its work. Im alot LESS oily as before, but occasionally get oily when I put on a moisturizer for the spf 15 for the day time. Still got some cystic acne on the cheeks, but less, and that leaves me with my red marks problem. I am using hydroquinone that i had before. Hopefully this is okay to use? I mean I asked my derm, and he said it was fine. But is there other better alternatives? To Sydnor, Im actually in the medical field. Im sorry if my post go
  14. Hey man! Great to hear that Accutane is working great for you!! Congrats on the No-more zits!! As far as working out with a broken hand, wow man that mustve been some challenge.. I think I either popped my left shoulder or its the accutane-joint side effect, but its killing my work out routine.. anyway, keep easy, keep up the good progress!!
  15. Day 7 So first week!.. It felt ALOT longer lol.. Nothing much to report, but skin sensitivity, drier skin/lips. and treated the joint problems with omega 3 and vitamin e. Thats all for now.