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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I don't think I have any other health issues besides anemia/fatigue, but I will definitely look into the cream you mention. I'm going to make it my birthday wish for this damn Coronavirus and for acne to disappear from this world!!!!
  2. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be twenty-three years old, and I suffer from body and face acne that make my life miserable. It will sound horrible, but at this point doing remote work is a blessing in disguise because I can hide and no one has to see what horrendous skin I have... I have tried everything, including antibiotics, hormonal treatments, topicals, Accutane, diet changes (dairy-free, vegan, keto, sugar-free, low-FODMAP...), juicing, fasting, meditation, etc. Some have not been wi
  3. Hi guys, about 6months into Spiro it finally started working and my acne cleared, but my hair started shedding like CRAZY and I'm losing my hair (it comes out with the bulb). Has anyone experienced this? Is it temporary? Please help it's the only treatment that worked after Accutane relapse and I'd be devastated to lose it....
  4. Hi! Just a thought that popped into my head: if they are tiny pimples located on your forehead, have you thought about folliculitis? It is usually treatable by applying Nizoral/Head and Shoulders shampoo on them. I have the same thing + on my chest/back, and it got rid of it entirely. Hope it helps! EDIT - P.S.: I personally believe that food can be processed that fast - remember I got a big cyst on my cheek after binging on white rice, in the same day. For me, that was enough "proof" and I t
  5. Hello everyone. I was wondering what was the difference between the effects of Spiro and Estroblock (and/or other similar "holistic" alternative, DHT Block etc.), and I decided to ask here since I couldn't find any answer to my question online. - Can something like Estroblock/DHT Block help with PCOS acne? - If Spiro works for someone (by decreasing androgens, and oily skin etc.), will Estroblock work the same way? I have been on Spiro for some time and while I *FINALLY* see results, I'm
  6. Month 3, day 24: not the miracle drug I hoped for, but sort of controls the severity of my breakouts until I can get on Accutane round 2. Thinking of going back on it after Accutane round in order to maintain the results. Overall, I got quite a few pimples and lost a bit of hope along the way... Skin is still oily but less than pre-Accutane, get some weird ass forehead pimples etc, they last long time... But it's not as bad doing nothing about my skin. Currently have a refill prescription fo
  7. Month 1, day 1: just had my very first painful cyst on cheek since starting, very inflamed. No significant improvement in terms of oiliness. I might go with the Accutane round 2 route.
  8. Day 23: breaking out around mouth + chin, whiteheads. Back has texture. Skin still oily AF. Sigh.
  9. Day 17: I feel like my skin is improving... Got new pimple on my left cheek but it's healing kinda, and pimple on chest is healing quicker also. I think I have nasty side-effects though: very unpleasant diarrhea + extra fast bowel movement... The very first day this started, I lost so much in fluids I became extremely light-headed and bp dropped like crazy... Awful. Now, it's getting better -- hopefully the bowel stuff is temporary. More unpleasant: non. stop. spotting. Gahhhh
  10. Day 11: no major face breakouts, but persistent few cysts on my back + comedones. Slightly less oily in T-zone. ... Eh, spiro.
  11. Day 7, don't feel like it's working much -- but slightly less oily (unless that too, is wishful thinking). New spots on chest.
  12. It is day 4 and I've lost about weight! I'm at 110lbs now which is a low weight I usually don't get - but I'm thinking it might be water weight? I do pee a FREAKING LOT and need to drink 100% more than I used to. I feel like my skin is less oily, but of course not 100% better. But after work I definitely didn't end up a sweaty-looking mess like I usually do. I broke out on my chest - that's where I get comedones kinda + blackheads. I wonder if that will end with spiro too? Anybody knows about
  13. This is only day 2 and unrelated to my skin per se, but omg I shaved and my hair regrowth is so SLOW?! I think this may be related to Spiro, as it is an anti-androgen. Surprised to see that happen just so fast, though.
  14. Hi guys! I just got my prescription of Spiro 50mg/day for three months to see if it's effective for my skin. I decided to have a log on acne.org to update you on the results (if any!) Background: stubborn acne, started when I was ~9/10 years old, am 21 now. I did Accutane when it was severe (face, back, chest - inflamed, red, etc). Since getting off Accutane my skin + hair became oily again, and I have been experiencing more comedones and some inflamed pimples on my face and chest again. My pr