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  1. So here's what it looks like after finishing my 5-month course: You can't see that much scarring from the photo, but it's definitely there. Oddly enough I had a couple more small zits appear a day or two before I was totally done with the medication (you can see one on my chin).
  2. Thanks Juin! Glad I could help. Three Months: Out of Mind The doctor's visit went well. He said things were looking good and kept me going on 60mg. My veggie diet is over, but thanks to weeks without meat, I've gained a new appreciation for leafy substances. My diet overall is a bit more balanced now, and I haven't really been craving red meat like I used to. It's been weeks since I've had any new spots. I hardly ever think about my acne anymore. Let's hope it stays that way.
  3. Three Weeks: Chunky Ragu ... that was what my face looked like five days ago. Major redness, lots of big and little bumps, and some scabs too. The good news is that most of those scabs have fallen off, and the big bumps are shrinking quickly. There's quite a bit of peeling, but the Cetaphil's doing its trick. Even though I've been stressed out more than usual because of work, my skin feels smoother and healthier by the day.
  4. Thanks. I forgot to mention that during days 7-10 I had a few nosebleeds. I haven't had one since, so hopefully they stop. The last time I had frequent nosebleeds a few years ago, the doctor told me to apply a little K-Y Jelly to the inside of my nostril. It seemed to keep things under control. Day 13 Yesterday was my first day using the Purpose Wash and Cetaphil Moisturizer. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Kiehl's Yerba Mate Facial Wash and Facial Fuel moisturizer I used before was causin
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  6. Hey all, reading about your experiences through this site has been invaluable to me. So I thought I'd document my own journey as well, and maybe someone out there will find it useful. The Backstory Like the description says, I'm 24 right now. I've had mild-to-moderate acne since I was in middle school. I've been through the topicals in my early years - proactiv, benzamycin, differin and they seemed to work a little bit at keeping things under control, but never permanently though. Things start