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  1. Yea, for the first month or two I felt kind of philosophic and melancholic. Then it turned into a feeling of disconnect from the world and everybody around me. Then it turned into slight to medium depression. After a year off the stuff, I almost feel back to normal. I'd say my emotional roller coaster was manageable, and I still haven't decided if it was wort it But I'm lovin' the clear skin
  2. I took a really intense 9 month course of accutane last year, and I've grown 3 inches since then
  3. I'm not an expert but I'll try to help! Try not to irritate the affected areas by not touching, and wearing loose clothing. Neosporin that shit everynight. I don't know if it will scar or not.. it depends on the individual's skin. I'd just go to the docta if I were you..
  4. My sister uses a salicyclic acid product that she uses. Do people who use this acid for acne become dependent to it?
  5. AHA cream has helped me with my bumps
  6. Is there any to get the product in the US?
  7. I did too. Even after I got off of it, I still felt numb and empty, but it slowly got better. I got off of it in November, and I feel way better than I used to, but life hasn't been the same since before accutane
  8. I think people stop before it actually starts to work, so keep at it!
  9. Well, from what I understand people have been using 3 products: the bar, foaming wash, and the gel. According to the other people, The foaming wash is the least effective and doesn't make the skin peel. Bar has mixed results The Gel is the most effective but isn't sold in USA.
  10. Make sure you use the actual gel wash, not the foaming crap >.>