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  1. I'm sure you all know what healthy vibrant skin looks like, has color, looks smooth, and almost 'glows.' Do oral meds take away all those effects, leaving your skin bland, pale, rough?
  2. When I say "bodybulder" I don't mean I'm some huge freak, I'm not even to big, but I do lift to gain muscle. The only supplements I take are Whey, Creatine(SizeOn), beta alanine, plus multivitamin and fish oil. I was wondering what would be the best oral acne med that would not interfere with my weight training and supplements, I dont want weakness, lethargy etc.. and of course I dont want other health problems. What would you recommend. And do the results from oral meds remain once you go off
  3. I found out that basically my acne is caused by dirty razor blades, the only place I would break out was where I shaved, so I got some brand new razors(Mach 3) and my acne completely( 98%) cleared up. So how long does a razor blade last, I have been using cold water to rinse since I heard it is better than using hot water. Shaving once a day.
  4. I dont have bad acne or whiteheads, just these red bumps. They either have white puss(but not white head) or clear liquid. I usually pop them, unless they have the clear liquid in them because that makes them worse. Basically they are like baby whitheads that dont fully develope. Sometimes they dont even become red, they are just small skin colored bumps, sometimes the small ones have a lot of white puss in them though. Is this a specific kind of acne, and is there a specific way to treat it? b
  5. I'm currently using AcneFree and it has been working great, but when using the cotton balls it seems a lot of toner and BP lotion is wasted. Is there a reason why cotton balls are supposed to be used? Would using my fingers instead cause any problems?
  6. I post on a bodybuilding websites forum, and there is a supplement called Poseidon, that is both beneficent for bodybuilders and non-BBers, supposedly it has completely cleared many users acne and oily skin issues. Plus many more positive benefits, like improved sleep. From the ingredients it looks like it's mostly made up B Vitamins, including lots of B5, with lots of other vitamins and minerals. I'm currently taking 5grams of B5 a day, and have seen pretty good results, but not 100% clear.
  7. Take out the Magnesium, Zinc+magnesium can inflame acne. But Zinc by itself helps.
  8. I take it along with a multivitamin that includes other B vitamins, plus a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies.
  9. I take 5 grams of Vitamin B5(pantothentic acid) daily, 5 pills in the morning, 5 pills in the evening. I was wondering if thats the best way, or if I should take one pill at a time every hour, or two at a time or whatever... what works best?
  10. Anyone combined B5 with the pantethine, like 2.5-5grams of B5 with 1 pantethine pill? And can you buy the pantethine at regular pharmacy stores like CVS, wal-mart etc..?
  11. ZMA can/does cause acne and the product sucks anyway, waste of money. ZMA contains Zinc, which helps clear acne on it's own, but zinc combined with magnesium and asparate can cause acne. But ZMA is worthless anyway.
  12. As a bodybuilder who works out out regularly, I don't see any increase in acne, except when I first started, due to an increase in testosterone, but the levels out and the acne goes away after about a week or two. I consume Whey protein of course, and the only time I broke out was when I tried the vanilla flavor, I'm not %100 sure it was from the flavor/protein or if it was just from something else, but chocolate whey has never broken me out. Creatine is the only other BB'ing product I consume r
  13. I have very mild acne, but it's still annoying, usually 3 or 4 pimples, but my skin is kinda red and unhealthy looking. I have both the Proactive BP face wash (all 3 bottles of stuf), and Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, with salicylic acid. I use the proactive BP every morning and night, with the repairing lotion and moisturizer( I do not use the toner, makes my skin oily). I bodybuild so I workout 2 out of every 3 days, after I workout I use the Neutrogena and moisturizer( b/c I dont want to use