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  1. Yes acne canbe effected by weather changes. Before december i had pretty clear skin, but once the weather changed, and each additional weahter change has caused me to breakout. My derm. said that i have very sensitive skin that can not handle weather changes at all, and said that there is nothing you can do but ride it out...o well.
  2. thank you for the help guys, i think that this breakout im having is one of those 1 day breakouts, i used some Vaseline deep moisturizer, it feels extremely greasy and cakes on. i dont know if that would have caused the breakout or not.
  3. no sirguys, what is the regimine that yall speak of. ive only been a lurker here for awhile. and have been posting for like a month really.
  4. My current stuff that i am using from my dermotologist is not working, it once helped me get clear from sever acne but is not as effective as it once was. I dont know if you can build up an immunity to Differin 0.3, but i think i have. Would you also classify me as severe, mild, or what. My doctor says im severe. sorry im trying to add the pictures right now.
  5. I would say to just cut back on the lotion for awhile. It could be irritating the already irritated skin. To take down the redness though, why not try icing it, seems to work for me when i get a red spot. Dont use any anything high in alcohol, like acne pads, i would say get some of that neutrogena on the spot cream. It doesnt really irritate or dry skin out, and helps with redness tremendiously.
  6. Is it true that long hair, bangs, can aggrivate the skin on your forhead and produce more acne than if you had you hair cut?
  7. Those face pads do not work too well. I used one of them last night and as the other person said, it did in fact giveme a bunch of little pimples of my forhead that were not there that day. THey do make an acne pad that is medicated with aloe vera, which would be very good for you imo.
  8. i had suffered with severe acne in the 10th grade, and then it completely cleared up in 11th. Time went by, and suddenly it came back in the last 2 months of my senior year, and since then ive been fighting it. i cleared up from november to december of 07. but for some reason it came back and i cant explain why, my eating and habits have not changed and i only drink water. here is a pic of me just about a month ago before it flared up again.
  9. i am a long time visitor to this site, have been reading here for over a year. I just wanted yalls opinions on how bad my acne is. ty much, yall have helped me alot by reading your posts. also im horrible at taking pictures, on top of my tiredness.