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  1. I feel the same as you guys. Good luck to all of us!
  2. I look forward to being like you! Though by now it might be too late .
  3. I feel the same, InRepair. 22, never had a girlfriend, depressed but scared to tell anyone, I feel I could be handsome and social if not for the acne, but what good does that do? I'm completely unmotivated about everything. I don't want to do shit. I just want to be clear of acne. Good luck and I hope we all beat this.
  4. I feel the same. And I don't care about supermodels that look good. I hate the way I look with acne. I don't buy the 'it doesn't matter, you are beautiful on the inside" stuff. My insides may stay inside. I don't want movie star looks. I just want no acne.
  5. Right! The non-organic stuff is staying under the sink, and once I grab a hold of the organic acv I'll only drink 4-5 table spoons per day. Thanks a lot!
  6. Self loathing, skipping school because of bad acne days, switching the cell phone off - I have that too. I recently picked up smoking and I don't see my acne being any worse because of cigarettes;-/. I think you people exaggerate the negative effects of smoking. Though I might still quit it to see if that helps any. Magal mentioned lost opportunities - that's a particularly hateful thing about acne. So maybe masturbation does cause acne (some people swear it does). So I shouldn't wank? I shou
  7. I've two questions. I live in Canada. I went to Safeway and they only had normal ACV. They had two brands - Safeway brand and Heinz. I got Safeway brand, because it was in a smaller package. They didn't have organic. Where can I find organic? Would non-organic do it? My other question is, would drinking too much ACV hurt me? I really enjoy the taste. I could drink that mofo all day long. I've noticed my piss smells somewhat weird, but I don't know if that's because of the ACV or some unrelated
  8. I'm 22 and have had acne since 16. By now it's driving me nuts. I've developed depression and bdd. I'm in year 4 of college. In high school and the previous years of college, whenever I had a breakout I still went to school. I sat through the day daydreaming, just waiting for it to end so I could get home. But at least I went there and heard a bit of material. Nowadays, when I have a breakout I feel terrible and stay at home all day. I stay at home and do nothing. I don't feel like doing anythin
  9. So does this work for males. I've been through the whole thread and I'm still unsure.
  10. Pessimism is really very good. If you expect nothing from everything, you can't ever be disappointed. Therein lies the key.
  11. I notice nowadays I hate sunlight heavily. I hate going out when the sun is on. I even hate smoking outside when the sun is on - I smoke mostly in the dark now, if at all. I have blinds on my windows 24/7. I feel noticeably better when the sun goes down in the evening. Then again, I feel I hate all light. I had a night a few days ago, when I systematically went through all the light sources in my room to extinguish them. I arranged my drapes very carefully to stop any random window light. I pu
  12. I might see a dermatologist eventually, but I'm skeptical as hell about it. It might seem weird, but your suggestions about dairy products, white bread and laxatives seem pretty good to me. I'll probably start taking fiber pills tomorrow and will completely cut off dairy and white bread from my diet. This is not just random insanity, I've had periods with no white bread (typically, I prefer dark bread anyway) and dairy, and though I hold no records, maybe my acne was better then? I don't eat jun
  13. I pick too. When I pick, I feel I'm fighting the acne. I feel I'm doing something. Of course most of the time picking makes things worse and I feel sorry about it later. Sucks. Might be an OCD or some crap like that. All I know is when I stand up in front of that mirror it's quite a fight to resist picking like a son-of-a-.....
  14. At 16, I moved to Canada, way inside, where it's winter for 5 months and the air is dry. Before that, I had lived in cities on the sea, with temperate climates and no dryness. I never had acne before Canada. Weeks after hitting Canada, I got acne. At 16 I thought nothing much of it. Sure, I hated it, but I thought it would soon go away. I never tried to get rid of it via treatments / regs until recently. The stuff below is unrelated, it's about how I feel. I've been here a bit over 5 years now