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    drums, metal, clear skin haha.
  1. hey how much do you drink? like, how many lemons per day??
  2. DAY 99 WEEK 12 wow almost a 100 days. i've been drinking close to 10 cups of water a day, im really proud of myself. i've really cut down my pop intake as well. i've noticed that ice cream might make me break out. lameeee my complexion is really evening out, maybe it's because of me clearing up. i'm still improving, although i have like 2-3 setbacks every week. i have 2 extremely small pustules on my left and right cheek. you like can't even see them. i think they will clear fast. i've latel
  3. DAY 94 WEEK 11 redness is gone, no active acne, just redmarks. my face is looking nicer as of late. keep praying.
  4. DAY 83 WEEK 10 flakes are almost entirely gone in the morning :] my face is looking very good, just redmarks and no active acne the redness is almost entirely gone, which makes my entire face look much better. acne is becoming less and less of an issue. i had such a good time with my girlfriend to be last night pray that i keep improving
  5. DAY 75 alright so i'm going to update this once a week. it helps me look at my progress in perspective better (yes i am progressing) WEEK 9 okay so, i still struggle with flakes, but i think i am doing more than a finger for each side of my face, which might explain the excessive redness, flakes, and everything else. nothing new on my forehead, 1 small whitehead (looks like a pustule but without the red part) on my chin which i expect to fade soon 1 VERY small pustule on the left side of my f
  6. DAY 73 so my forehead looked like it was getting worse for a couple days, but now it looks better than ever. i don't really care about it because you can't even see it under my amazing hair haha. it's been 11 days since i last posted. my face is really red for some reason, it's retarded, but it always fades, it always has in the past. i can't feel any bumps on my forehead when i wash, which is nice. I have these 2 huge red bump things on the side of my face, kinda close to my ears, with 1 on bo
  7. DAY 62 everything seems to be getting better face kinda burns though for some reason all of my active acne seems not active anymore, and its healing up dang red marks
  8. DAY 61 i was amazed this morning when my lone whitehead anywhere on my body had been full blown at night, then this morning, it was completely gone. no bump or mark or anything. wow. i wish the rest of my face would do that huh? lol. my face looks pretty good today. i have to say my face isn't irritated at all, which is a good start for no more acne. everything is fading, and this one pastule on my chin has cleared up in 3 days. maybe this was just a rough stretch, and i am just getting over i
  9. my self esteem is pretty low i am on day 60 of the regimen, i follow it presicely and i am VERY gentle with my skin, and i never touch it or pick at anything (mostly because theres not much to pick at) i need some reminders/advice because i got like 5 new pastules anything i might be doing wrong? or do i have to wait longer to clear up?
  10. DAY 60 wow it seems like i've been on DKR for wayyy longer than i actually have. i am setting a goal to have no active acne by day 100, which isnt a stretch, because it has happened before, and i am close. this one red mark thing actually turned into a very small pastule. hopefully the mark wont linger. red marks continue to fade, my face actually looks pretty good today. :] the one other active pastule has already dried up after a day.
  11. DAY 59 well, i have had a couple gay red mark things all over my face, like about 5 total. like not like everywhere all over my face, but just about 5 spread out ya know? that one breakout from a long time ago took awhile to heal but it looks like no red marks i had my first pastule in a LONG time on my chin kinda however, it is very small, i can tell the regimen is working. my face is overall still getting better, and the red marks are slowly healing today and yesterday were pretty bad, bu
  12. DAY 47 no new anything except for a tiny pimple on my chin which like isnt even noticable. red marks are fading :] i love scream aim fire by bullet for my valentine
  13. hi. interests: clear skin. cute