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  1. This is why I believe cultures are important to have done. How long has it been since your Accutane treatment?
  2. Personally, I will not take Accutane. I've had more than one Derm try to push it on me, but I've read more than one article that states it can increase S. Aureus on the skin. If anyone reading this is considering Accutane, please be aware of this and discuss it with your doctor. If they dismiss it or act dumbfounded, find a new one that will read the literature before making this recommendation to you. I believe it's this reason that some who have taken Accutane have reported folliculitis outbre
  3. http://springstderm.com/when-the-provider-is-the-patient-my-accutane-story-part-1/ http://springstderm.com/when-the-provider-is-the-patient-my-accutane-story-part-2/ http://springstderm.com/blog/ (scroll down for Part 3)
  4. Maybe washing hair causes it to run on your face near eyes. Do you have allergies or sensitive skin?