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  1. I wish you all the best too! You will have a beautiful skin eventually
  2. I love this too, I am only 23 years old, but I can find a lot of relevant things on my behalf. Thanks for sharing Karen.
  3. Hey mate, I agree on some parts of what you just wrote, the sugar is definetily a cause of acne, since it spikes the insulin level and causes hormone shifts - acne. And the gluten from pasta and the sugar from rice is also bad for the skin. I don't fully agree on no carbs=no acne. Carbs are necessary, in fact we need healthy carbs from vegetables and fruits to attain a good gut lining. The fiber is very healthy for the stomach. I hope any of this gave value, regards
  4. The dermatologists usually look at the skin from an external point of view. They will look at your skin condition and think of the best way to get rid of the acne, eczema, rosacea etc. and then prescribe you a serum or a pill that will fix the problem. The main reason they don't rely on diet and inner causes of acne - usually in the gut flora, is because they don't have any backed up documentation for this. When they prescribe you some accutane etc. they have papers and research on other pati
  5. Yes, it depends on what type of protein powdert it is. If you buy some cheap over-the counter product then it will have harmful chemicals and will be a bad choice. But you can definetily find some proper protein powder out there, like GettableGrate said; hemp protein is a good example Also some pea protein or organic whey etc. Hope any of this helped!
  6. I agree with VulneraryRain, don't pop the pimple too early. And not ever if possible. This will just spray bacteria all over the skin..
  7. Yes, because they usually contain sugar and caseine from dairy - which both aggravate acne. But if you buy healthy protein shakes with clean proteins without bad chemicals etc. then it is healthy for you.
  8. Hey I would say that it is best to go all in on a healthy diet: omega 3s, vegetables, probiotics. less oily food and sugar. Also a lot more to cover But these are among the most important ones
  9. Hey I would tell you to stay a few weeks more - tops 8 weeks, and if you still aren't seeing any improvement then I would suggest to stop and instead try changing the diet and skincare routine.
  10. I agree fully with leelowe. I also have acne now and then even though I follow a healthy lifestyle and a very strict daily skincare routine. Never give up, everyone have 24 hours a day - it is only you who dictate your own 24 hours, no one else. So what if you have a few zits on your face. I don't mind and leelowe doesn't either. So now you have 2 people who likes you for who you are. And I assure you there are more people who do. Stay strong
  11. Yeah accutane is never a good opinion, regardless of how severe the acne is. Dermatologists are looking on the external problems, but neglect the internal problems in the gut. Your diet has above 90% effect on how much acne you have. No matter what. So yeah a brief overview of your diet would be useful here, cheers
  12. I agree with Quadboy, don't pick on it. I believe it's a stagnant pimple which doesn't form or get bigger - so Just leave it be and place some ice compress in the evenings to lower the size. Take care
  13. Hey, so I would say that the best thing to begin with is a proper diet. Eliminate dairy, gluten and sugar. And have more vegetables, probiotics and omega 3s, message me anytime on this. And more as well on the diet will give you a clear skin. Later on you can incorporate more skincare routines with serums etc. Take care
  14. Hey mate, awesome that you reach out! So I would suggest starting a healthy diet, and trying to cut out typical acne triggers: gluten, dairy, sugar etc. And introduce healthy food: Omega 3s, vitamins, probiotics, vegetables etc. (just message me on this) and this will all be clearing most of you acne over time. Take care
  15. Hey, I agree that the BP can dry out the skin for sure, and if you don't see improvements then it is fine to let go and look for other improvements. Yes dairy is definetily a food item which can cause acne, but also gluten, sugar, processed food etc. Eliminate this and more (just message me on the diet if you want) and instead introduce healthy food; vitamins, fruits, healthy fats and more. After this you will see big changes! cheers