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  1. Week 20- i no longer really have or get acne at this point. The accutane worked, at the 20mg fixed dose. It took about 4 months to see results. Staying on it for another 8 months to achieve the best results possible. I have absolutely zero sides except for dry lips still. I would say i have achieved about 90% clearance or more.
  2. Thanks for chiming in, seems like its impossible to find anyone else who has done this kind of dosing. At what point were you really starting to get fully clear?
  3. I am now about 12 weeks in and ive been getting a lot of new pimples around the mouth and chin. Cheeks are almost completely cleared up, getting a little but more sensitive to the sun as well ive noticed. The acne around the chin comes up really fast. One hour, im clear, the next, there will be a few on the way. The chin and mouth area was always the worst for me, so i assume this is to be expected. Either way, its just about as bad or slightly less bad than it ever was for me without accutane,
  4. Weeks 10/11: Overall, no huge changes. Still getting small pimples around chin and mouth, as well as some small things that have come up as my skin dries out around the cheeks. Nothing big, nothing inflammatory. Chapped lips, but no other side effects. A litte hyperpigmentation, especially around cheeks where i had some breakouts early in the process, but nothing too terrible.
  5. Week 9: still no side effects, not even sun sensitivity (i am outside a lot on the weekends). Still getting the occasional pimple, stuff on chin is still clearing (had three medium sized pimples on chin/mouth area this week). Cheeks are almost entirely clear. Areas that were clogged seem to be coming up to the surface. Dermatologist said that betweeen months 3-5 is where the magic usually happens, but could be longer given my low dosage. Just taking it as it comes for now- my acne today is bett
  6. Week 7: things are definetely starting to clear up. My face is getting far less oily than it used to, but not too dry either. The chapped lips have slowly improved. Im not really getting much cystic acne anymore at all, pretty much have had one in the last couple of weeks. Still some clogged pores around the mouth, but no inflamation so they arent red at all. I have noticed that the acne that i picked at left marks that are taking much longer to dissapear than they used to when i had oily skin
  7. Ive been taking propecia for about four monts, even continued it with the accutane. I barely had mpb, just a slightly receding hairline that i figured id stop in its tracks. Ive had absolutely zero issues with the medication as well. Yet another example of the panic on the internet discouraging people from what are widely considered to be safe and effective drugs
  8. Don’t let negative reviews scare you. I waited to do accutane for 3 years because of all the shit that I read about potential side effects, i did the same for another pill that prevents hairloss. People who have a bad experience with any drug are much more prone to voice their complaints than those who had a positive one. So for every negative review you read, take into account that there are probably ten other people who had a good experience who didnt have any reason to go write about it.
  9. Week 6: Cheeks have for the most part cleared up, a few remaining clogged pores that sit under the skin, visible when stretched, but non-inflamatory. Any new acne has pretty much been confined to the mouth and chin area, which I here clears last, probably due to the thickness of the skin there. No terrible side effects still- just chapped lips and now more recently, a very dry scalp (flaky). The anti-inflamatory effects of the accutane are definetly kicking in, as all new acne has been signific
  10. It could be the weight difference that is making it take a little longer, but I think I jumped the gun in saying that Im getting completely clear. Still breaking out around the chin and mouth area. However, I wouldnt say its that much worse than it was normally. As for the cumulative dose thing, I think that science has debunked that as a factor in relapse rates. Most countries besides the USA do low dose more often, and they typically say that what matters is the length of time after you get cl
  11. Week 5: Skin is on the mend. Was getting a lot of non-inflamatory pimples that would just sit under the skin on my cheeks, tried messing with a few and it definitely didn't help. After that mess healed up, ive pretty much been clear with the exception of a few of these non-inflamatory pimples just hanging out in certain areas. Figure that i'll wait for them to disappear or to come to a head. Beyond that, i have a lot of visibly clogged pores around the chin and mouth area, but they are only a
  12. Weeks 3+4 Experiencing mild breakouts, but not really cystic for the most part. Mostly deeper blackheads, whiteheads, etc. Nose has really started to dry out and has a rough texture, but beyond that and the lips there are few notable side effects. Also, its basically been like a continuation (maybe just a little bit worse) of the acne that I had for years, so i havent really had a horrible flare, which was my purpose in staying with such a low dose.
  13. Week 2: Experienced breakouts, but not in the way i am accustomed to. Most of the breakouts were on the cheeks, which is a place where i do get them in the past but not nearly as frequently as the chin/mouth area. Also, they were not cystic as they usually are. It was more just individual pores becoming clogged and slightly red, and after being emptied they cleared pretty quickly without much inflammation. Only change i have noticed so far is some light peeling around the mouth and lips, and th
  14. Week 1: No changes. Had about four active blemishes (small, cystic), all of which went away by the end of the week, as usual. Lips beginning to dry out a little bit, but very tolerable.
  15. After years of mild-moderate cystic acne that persisted through over two years of antibiotics (doxy, mino, bactrim, etc) and every topical retinoid under the sun, I decided to go on isotretinoin at the age of 22. I am 155 LB male, exercise daily, eat healthy, etc. Majority of my acne is around the chin and mouth, occasionally on the cheeks. Been suffering from it for about 5 years total. Every dermatologist that I have ever seen has recommended accutane due to the limited efficacy of nearly e