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  1. Your skin looks gorgeous Kiki! With makeup, it's flawless (just a tiny little pinkness)...I'm loving it! (I'm sure you're loving it more.) Congrats again!
  2. Hi chica_rica! How's life? I've been checking out your progress (even when not posting here) and you're right...a huge improvement today. It's good as, if not better than, your "best day" picture on the gallery, congratulations! I'm sorry to hear that Dan's BP didn't work as well as the Neutrogena for you, but hey, at least Neutrogena seems to be working, which is great. I have cut down the BP to less than the 1/3 finger that I had been using. Now I'm down to about 1/4 finger, once a
  3. OMG Kiki - you weren't exaggerating when you commented your skin hasn't been this good since you were a teen! It looks fantastic! Congratulations!
  4. Congratulations...what an improvement! (Have a grrrreat new year in school!)
  5. I enjoy looking at pictures in the Gallery, whether or not they are acne related. The acne/scar related pictures are helpful in gauging progress...and the non-acne related pictures are just great fun to look at. It's nice to put a face to a (user)name, even if I'll probably never meet most (or any) people here in person. It's also nice to see pictures of pets/hobbies/interests of a person...I get a lot more from this board than just acne/scar information - I like to think that I'm sharing som
  6. amnesiac - leopolda has written an extremely helpful and thorough account of her experience. I think some of your questions can be answered here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=24409 Kiki (LOVE) and John - thank you so much for your responses! I feel more encouraged to go ahead and contact him...first, I have to start saving $ like a mad woman! I'm sure it will be more than worth it, I have a new goal now. :smile: It's so good to know that Dr. Y will treat all typ
  7. Thank you so much John, Poe and Love for sharing your experiences...you are all so helpful! (Poe, I read your about your experience in leopolda's thread. Nice to hear your doing well! ) After all the raves about Dr. Y, I'm starting to wonder if I might be a candidate for dermabrasion. I am not going to consider having it done if it's not by him. I have never been too conscious of my scars until recently - my acne is finally under control and my scars are now more noticeable and visible to
  8. I like to get a slice of Italian bread (or French baguette), pour some extra virgin olive oil (high quality) and spread a crushed clove of garlic on it for breakfast. Yummy...the Italians have been doing it for ages.
  9. Happy belated b-day to your guy Tracy! 16 is it? Only one more year til I can hit on him lol. I thought I saw the thread but I can't find it anymore so I'm jacking this thread...happy b-day! (Sorry BenK, Denise, SweetJade, Holly, etc...won't happen again! Back to topic on hand!)