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  1. your skin isn't bad...i see a little bit of acne... nothing like I used to have and you're lucky... you have like no scars.. just being honest but I do know how you feel ... try not to stress so much about anything... and I wore make up for over 10 years i finally stopped after my mom died... my skin has healed a lot...i don't do anything to it and I don't use anything on it except bar soap once or twice a week... also I eat whatever I want... this is the best my acne had ever been... good luck
  2. You can use sunscreen if you want , but they're right it's best imo to stop everything.
  3. Thank you , I will look into that. Hope you're doing well.
  4. Thank you Nemisis , I went to the same doctor Mr. Matt went to in Missouri. He did a good job on the subcision. I might try it again in the future .
  5. Try the caveman / water only method. Or just stop worrying about it so much. The less you worry , the more it will improve.
  6. Try getting as much sleep as you can and see if that helps. Also make sure you're as happy as you can be. Try to eliminate any stressors in your life that you can.
  7. I couldn't agree more. My shitty lifestyle somehow cleared my skin. I used to try everything to make my acne go away. Now I do nothing and it's pretty much gone. Just have lots of scars left. Indented ones.
  8. I would honestly try sleeping more , when I sleep a lot mine completely goes away. I think I could have saved myself along time ago if I would have slept more.
  9. I would do it !! Yeah call me crazy , but I would. I'm so damn tired of having these scars and doing treatments.
  10. Thank you swede ! I wish you luck with your journey top , I'll keep you updated on mine:)
  11. Thank you ba , I actually live in Indiana:/ , but I will be starting treatment again soon hopefully. I'll keep you guys updated.
  12. I'm not discouraging anyone. I'm speaking from my personal experience. I have had no results from treatments and I'm trying to warn people before they mess their skin up even worse like I did. I started my scar journey with moderate scars , now they are severe. Laser made them worse. I try to steer people away from laser.
  13. Just try not to stress , because that makes it worse. How are you doing now? And yeah family doesn't understand. The only one that has ever understood me is my grandma.
  14. Sorry had to edit it ! Lol didn't realize it was on the post and not a pm . Lol