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  1. What is Differin? Differin is the registered name of an American gel product whose active ingredient is an adapalene (specifically 0.1%). Adapalenes are third generation retinoids, which are based on Vitamin A. Vitamin A has an effect on epithelial cell growth. How does Differin work? It is different to a lot of other topical treatments as it goes very deep into the pores and regulates skin cell turnover. This reduces the number of spots that develop since cells can't build up in pores. It al
  2. WEEK 12 This is an extra update 2 weeks after the milestone 'week 10' for Differin. I'm currently on a residential summer camp job so I'm spending time in the sun and am not in control of what I eat or the cleanliness of my bedsheets. Taking this into account, as well as the working hours and how much sleep I'm getting, I'm still quite happy with my skin. I'm glad I went on Differin because it took my skin from 10 to 4, which is massive progress. However, the final 4 to totally clear skin is b
  3. WEEK 10 (Sorry there was no Week 9, I was busy with my gradaution week!) Expectations 1) This is the final week for the programme! CLEAR SKIN! Reality 1) Alright, so I'm very happy with my results! It's not perfectly clear, but I wasn't expecting that since my acne was pretty bad. However, I haven't had cystic acne for the last few weeks (a MASSIVE plus), the only spots I have are small whiteheads, my skin is a lot smoother, clearer and only scars remain. Who would have thought it! During
  4. WEEK 8 Expectations 1) My skin follows the post-6 week trajectory to clearing up! It's been said that 10 weeks is how many you need to have it work completely and we're nearing that so let's see. Thoughts 1) Sometimes whiteheads pop up, but they are manageable and none cyst-like before treatment or during the purge phase. I can live with one a week I think, as that is an improvement. 2) A major improvement I've noticed is that irritating my skin (I admit it - I pick or push blackheads) does
  5. WEEK 7 Expectations 1) Okay we're getting into the home stretch for this cream - apparently after 6 weeks is when people are seeing results, so there had better be results! Thoughts 1) For sure, I haven't had a round of breakouts this time. Just a few spots here and there which resolve themselves for the most part. The cheeks are much more inactive which is great! 2) Spots appear on my bottom lip and on my forehead which is unusual for my acne patterns. 3) From far away, my face looks a lo
  6. WEEK 6 Expectations 1) CLEAR UP PLEASE. Thoughts 1) I forgot my cleanser when I was visiting a friend for four days, and my acne really broke out like crazy. However, just before that, I was already on the verge of a big breakout all over my cheek and on my chin, new areas for my acne now. 2) As soon as I got back and used my cleanser and did my weekly exfoliation, it got much better. Much much better. However, the breakout area is larger than it usually is so that hurts. 3) In the evening
  7. WEEK 5 Expectations 1) The cysts will die down in a cycle as before. Thoughts 1) They haven't. There are at least 5 very deep skin cysts developing on my right cheek, as well as a few whiteheads (including on my nose crease) and one on my usually clear left cheek. 2) Once again, disproportionately on my right cheek! It's so hard to hide! 3) All my usual tricks to bring them down - exfoliate, rehydrate, blackhead remover serum, etc. haven't worked! Hopes 1) Why aren't they clearing u
  8. WEEK 4 Expectations 1) Skin follows the trend from week 3 by smoothening up and clearing up. 2) I've switched cleansers because my last one run out. Hopefully this won't do anything? Thoughts 1) The skin did not clear up. 2) In fact, it is much worse. 3) After everything from the last breakout died down, every single other pore decided it was their turn to act up. I've got loads of cysts not coming to heads and my cheeks are very bumpy. My right cheek has always been worse and now the dif
  9. WEEK 3 Expectations 1) Nodules disappear, skin smoothens out, fewer breakouts. Thoughts 1) After my PMS-induced outbreak, there has been nothing new coming up! Just one whitehead which is miraculous! 2) Running my fingers over my cheeks, I have to say the skin there is now predominantly smooth. There usually is a lot of bumpiness from nodules deep under the skin but now, it feels like skin on any part of my face! My left cheek is mainly cleared up, just some hyperpigmentation that's waiting
  10. WEEK 2 Expectations 1) Less redness and dryness Thoughts 1) My skin is basically back to its normal balance - no peeling or itchiness and stinging any more! 2) I had a second flare up of acne all over my cheeks after the first purge - this time, with a lot more nodules and whiteheads. Not ideal, but they went away a lot more quickly than they usually would. It could be because I'm pre-menstrual (I have acne outbreaks a week before my period). All the acne makes my face uncomfortably warm, s
  11. WEEK 1 Expectations 1) I knew there was burning/tingling/dryness to be expected. 2) Also, there may be some purging? 3) But I also knew these side effects would go away after a few weeks. Thoughts 1) For the first week, my skin was very dry, peeled and was easily irritated (I have sensitive skin anyway). Not a surprise, but not entirely pleasant. Thankfully, it was not evident on my face and my moisturiser works well. I have not used the moisturiser whenever I feel tight however, because I
  12. Introduction + Past ExperiencesI picked this retinoid because it was something attainable through my pharmacy and I was quite desperate for results. I have been using salicylic acid for years and even though we had some good moments, it never cured me. There was a breakthrough when a friend suggested (seeing as I had recently moved to a much drier climate), my acne could be the result of dry skin and recommended me the moisturiser I'm using now. It definitely improved my skin's texture, but hasn