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  1. myskin_2008

    Girls on birth control please help!!

    Only Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo doesn't break me out $50 with my insurance.
  2. myskin_2008

    This is killing me, help me out.

    Acctuane might help you...
  3. Same here. I've been on two courses already in the past and about to go on third this month. My acne always comes back after 6 months or so... I guess I have the stubborn acne
  4. myskin_2008

    Derm wont give me Accutane

    You can always get a second opinion from another doctor. If your derm keeps giving you the same thing even though your acne problem doesn't go away, then he is just stupid... Change your doctor, and good luck.
  5. myskin_2008

    Accutane scars

    Accutane often causes initial break out, and it sometimes leaves scars on your face...but I never heard a problem like yours. I am not sure it's from Accutane side effect...But, I have some minor scaring on my face, and those look good some days, but some days look a little bad. so it might be possibility you already have scars.
  6. myskin_2008

    Scar Treament Help

    How long do they last? Because mine seems like it is going to last forever and ever. And why doesn't my acne treatment gel and medicine work against these things? Thank you all for the help. I'm just in desperate need of help since people just love starring at my nose and my chin when I'm talking to them. Sometimes a week, but sometimes over a month
  7. myskin_2008

    Treating my cheek scar with retin-A

    Please don't come to someone else's topic to deal with your emotional bullshit. I agree with Chibby. OP wants advice from helpful org members, leave her alone
  8. myskin_2008

    Scar treatment suggestions? Pictures included!

    Can you upload scars that you had? I can only see active acne in your first photo. I am thinking about getting peels...rejuventation peel sounds nice.
  9. myskin_2008

    Scar Treament Help

    It looks acne to me, too. I sometimes get acne like that. But it doesn't hurt or anything. Just there..no squeeze, makes worse.
  10. myskin_2008

    My scar pics HELP!

    You might want to try AHA, I used to apply it every night and got rid of a lot of red scars. But with or without scars, you are cute. Good luck
  11. Your skin looks amazing now! Congratulation
  12. myskin_2008

    others more unfortunate

    I watched the full episode..I cried a lot. She is a strong girl. She is only 25... The guy is really terrible man!!!!!!
  13. myskin_2008

    You can buy accutane online?

    All site like that sell fake drugs or take your money and run...not a good idea. Like Brandy said, go to derm for your own safety!
  14. myskin_2008

    others more unfortunate

    This is so messed up... And the girl has a strong mind...and role model...