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  1. I've been on Duac for over 2 years, with only a small break this past summer. I get a little dryness, but with moisturizer, that goes away quickly. Wrinkles? I'm beginning to get them but I wouldn't blame Duac. As long as you don't over wash your face and keep it hydrated, I'm sure your skin will return back to normal. Also, try wearing SPF 15 on a regular basis.
  2. I use Duac for over 2 years, and yeah, put it on anyway. The tube says its expired but it should still work. Only get a new tube when you run out of the one you have.
    This is the only topical gel that works to clear out my moderate acne. I have been using it for over 2 years. After extended use, leaves skin soft, clear, and smooth. No more pustules. I'm not antisocial anymore. Duac saved me. Expensive. It used to cost me $50/month (a month's supply lasts me 6 weeks). Then I got it for $30 through Next Rx. It takes a while to kick in. You have to be patient and consistent. If your skin flares up, try putting on every other day first, then slowly increasing ove
  3. in other words, you are talking crap. Read Dan's FAQ, masturbation and sex does not influence acne. However, as some have mentioned, being in a relationship may help decrease stress levels, which in turn, may decrease breakouts.
  4. I had blackheads exactly like those, and on my forehead, too. When my dermatologist put me on Duac gel, they disappeared...like magic. I was so happy, but Duac didn't do anything for the pustules and some other whiteheads I had (plus Duac was mad expensive for me), so I switched to Dan's BP gel. Dan's stuff is working well, still keeping the blackheads few or completely gone. So try Duac or Dan's BP gel. Good luck .
  5. Hey soapbox, Those white bumps around your eyes might be milia. If they are, they're easy to remove, either through topical treatment, or a dermatologist can remove them for you. Best of luck, --chancesbreathe
  6. Brandy is right, only use the BP gel on problematic areas. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. You may not need the SPF 15 right now, since it's winter time, but Cetaphil works great for me. It's also pretty inexpensive and easy to find. Practically every drugstore has it, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. Don't be afraid to apply moisturizer. It really helps the flakiness.
  7. I'm near-sighted, too. When I wear my glasses or contacts and look in the mirror on a sunny day, I FLIP OUT!! I never notice how much acne I really have! But then again I know my friends still love me for who I am. So clearly, my acne isn't that bad, even though I sometimes shrink from myself in horror! Like everyone has been saying, it's all in your head. Our minds play tricks on us. Don't let it do that to you. Fight back. Tell your friends what's up. Confide in one friend and then let him or
  8. This is exactly what I needed to read! Thank you for that great post! Mixing a salicylic acid-like treatment with the Regimen BLEW MY FACE UP BIG TIME. ANY treatment of acne takes at least 2 months to determine results. There's no reason to get hasty, or you'll end up like me three weeks ago. not fun. For one reason or another, your environment, diet, or hormones can also skew results. But all things taken aside, BP seems to be the only thing that works for me. I'm so glad I found this
  9. Of course acne can be something positive. (as weird as that sounds) For one thing, having acne makes it easier to relate to others with acne. Many times, people with acne are a lot more down to earth than those without it. I don't mean to dis people without acne, because you guys are cool, too. But sometimes people with clear skin have no idea what life with acne is like. Annnnd, acne's not such a bad conversation starter, either. I once met a cute guy who had a mild case of acne. I didn't