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  1. I've been using urine since Christie 2007, and it's really worked wonders. I don't even feel the need to wear make up anymore. It works wonders, I tell ya. Try it.
  2. Haha, sorry, it was very descriptive, but I was scared! Thank you, your comment actually really calmed and comforted me. It feels alot better today.
  3. I just looked some things up on Google, and I read some other people's accounts of having something very similar to this happening to them aswell. Apparently it's called a comedone, or a super blackhead. I don't know, I'm still pretty worried. I may just have to go see a doctor if no one else has heard of something like this.
  4. Once in a while I've gotten a small pimple on my back, no big deal. But tonight, something very strange happend. My back started to hurt and I looked in the mirror and a HUGE white head had formed in the middle of my back. Usually if I get pimples on my back, it's near my shoulders. Anyway, I tried to squeeze it and I noticed it was really hard feeling, and it was really big. The space around the white head was kind of bulging aswell. It took alot of effort, but I finally squeezed it, and first
  5. Oh, I do keep it in the fridge, and put it on frequently. I've been following other people's stories for awhile, and have been following their steps and what they've been doing. Thanks for your help, though.
  6. I tried urine therapy before and I saw improvements at first, but then just like any other solution I tried, the improvments went away and it got worse, or went back to the way it was. I stopped using anything on my face for about a week just to give it a rest from all the crap I've been using, and two days ago I started applying urine again. I use morning urine, and keep it in a jar to use over a couple days span (then I'll empty and start a new jar), and I really hope this works this time. I'm
  7. How long should one wait after putting acne medicine on their face before they apply their makeup?
  8. I started urine therapy about a month ago, and it's done nothing. I think I'm just helpless, haha.
  9. I know exactly how you feel. It's the exact same with me.
  10. I've used Clean & Clear moisturizer. It was great for dry skin, but didn't help acne, or redness, or anything like that -- it almost made it worse.