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  1. Have any of you ever noticed that B.P make your skin more stubborn to heal?? When I use B.P (1 Finger) I notice that my skin takes slower to heal than usual. If I use just plain water to wash my face followed by a little moisturizer my bumps go away easier. Plus using all that B.P make's my skin feel weird. Like B.P skin.
  2. You should use lots of moisturizer directly before going to bed (1/3 a finger in a thick line for top, left and right side of the face). Even though your face would look greasy you'll be sleep anyway. This really helps with the flakiness because I do this every night myself. Just give your skin like at least 4 weeks to Unflake.
  3. I've noticed that when I use Dan's moisturizer my skin gets aggitated and break out. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. Yes, I know what you're saying. Dans moisturizer doesnt turn me red but it does aggrevate my skin some-how. I guess its due to the jojoba oil, mild Acids and/or mild Alcohols that is inside the moisturizer. Plus I really cant stand the smell (sorry guys) its just horrible when its on my skin and its just too Damn slippery for my taste. The only moisturizer I know that is both not too light but absorbs very well is "Cetaphil SPF 15 Moisturizer" I use it and it doesnt irritate me one bit. Feels
  5. That is exactly what happens to me sometime when I wash my face. Its just lots of dead skin that build up and is now ready to shed off. You can use 1-2% Salicylic Acid to help slough off the rest of that dead skin. I would use it 1-2 times per week to avoid irritation. Search for a Salicylic Acid that doesnt have the little micro-beads as it can tear your skin. Your skin should feel really good afterwards.
  6. I wouldnt take steroids if I were you. That is nothing but synthetic testosterone that will only mess your life up. There is an alternative to taking steroids that will build muscles, aggressiveness and testosterone naturally. Take Tongkat Ali, this is a natural herb that works with your body to help it produce its own testosterone (and more of it) instead of injecting fake steroidal testosterone that will harm your body. You can do much research on Tongkat Ali as well. Most Tongkat Ali produc
  7. Yes, you should try using vitamin b5 that really helps with oily skin and acne for many people. It works to clean your body from the inside out instead of just applying topicals. Just be sure to take a B-50 Complex with it. You can Purchase here- www.vita-cure.com (Google it) Good Luck
  8. I'm in the process on using Vitamin B5 right now. Its been 3 weeks so far. I have to give it more time though. It usually take 1-3 months to see good results
  9. Take Vitamin B5 a.k.a Pantothenic Acid. That works inside your body to the outside plus its good for your health as well as oily skin and definitely acne. Purchase here - www.vita-cure.com (google it) Dont forget to take a vitamin b-50 complex with it! Good Luck.
  10. No wonder why so many of us are going crazy.
  11. This sounds very similair to what I had did one time. Instead of using jojoba oil I had used Dans moisturizer and LOTS of it. When I found out my skn was uncomfortably dry and flaky I was like "What the hell, why not use lots of it?" So from there I started using A LOT of Dans moisturizer (about 1/3 of a finger in a very thick line) for each area of my face (left, right, forehead) every night and just a little moisturizer in the morning. When applying the moisturizer, I would notice that there
  12. The Bottles are fine for the cleanser and moisturizer but the B.P should keep the tubes.
  13. You guys should of saved the Screw Tops from the original Daniel Kern Moisturizer. I still have one and is going to use that for the new bottles Instead of the Pump Top. And to everyone that says its difficult to get the rest of the Moisturizer and B.P out the new bottles, its not hard to do so. All you gotta do is take off the top so the air inside the bottle would be released, then squeeze the middle of the bottle in half until you see a crease. Then carefully cut along the crease.
  14. Use Milk of Magnesia. Take a cotton ball and use a little on your face.