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  1. @beautifulambition Thank you so much for your feedback! I think I'll plan to tell them I'd want to do the Phenol Cross/subcision/microneedling combo and hopefully when I get there Dr. Rullan will be able to really give me an idea of what needs to be done? I've seen on these message boards that for some people, he'll say that they actually don't need subcision. Should I be concerned that Dr. Rullan will do unnecessary treatments or is he pretty honest in telling you exactly what he thinks when he
  2. I'm interested in doing the exact same treatment with Dr. Rullan at some point towards the end of this year, hopefully sometime in September. Thanks for posting such clear pictures! Have you gotten a chance to go back and finish your last 2 treatments with him? Any more skin updates? @slee3?
  3. Hi, As an update I just got my own quote from Dr. Rullan. He had quoted me for the subcision/phenol cross/microneedling package as well but also actually recommended that I'd get better results from a phenol peel. I remember reading somewhere on here that peel isn't what I should be looking for?? So I'm a bit confused.
  4. @lovescars3 damn that price is so steep! I’m doing a consult with dr. Rullan by sending the photos of my scarring above. If you do end up going through with treatment would you mind keeping me in the loop about pricing and your experience?? I’m aiming to do some treatments sometime after August this year. Right now I have full time work and graduate school and it’s hard to get time off for healing.
  5. Thank you @superburrito and @beautifulambition for your input! That's so unfortunate to hear that there isn't very many good options (or any at all) in the Bay Area. I see Dr. Jane Chung with pretty good reviews on RealSelf and Yelp, but it's usually in relation to other procedures she's done. When I went for my consult the before/after photos they showed me of patients (?whether their real patients or not I know I can't confirm) was promising. I was a bit put off by her though, just because she
  6. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 I hope this post is allowed and appropriate here. I'm almost 30-years old and have been dealing with acne since I was 11 and have been bullied for it by my family and peers. I've finally come close to a routine and diet lifestyle that seems to help keep most of my acne at bay. I still do get cystic break outs on my neck and along my jawline every now and then, which is upsetting. I'm also on Tri-Sprintec, an OCP which I think has helped me with my hormonal acne.
  7. I'll be very interested in the different types of skincare, supplements or treatments that you did and/or are doing currently!
  8. Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a little bit of an update and to see if anyone out there with similar skin texture as mine has seen any improvements in their scars and if so, what treatments did you try/do? I'm uploading updated photos of my skin as well as an updated skincare regimen below: AM Routine:Wash with Shiseido Miracle Whip foam cleanser, I work it up to a lather with a foaming net first before applying to skin.Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence OR CoxRx Galactomyces 95 Whiten
  9. Hi! Unfortunately no big updates, I only got about 3 replies on realself and was mainly told I could do a combination of Fraxel/lasers. I've heard these type of treatments can CAUSE orange peel skin (which I already have) though, any thoughts?
  10. Sorry for the delayed reply! Yes, my regimen seems a bit ridiculous, since my acne itself had gotten more under control around January I'd been slowly adding products back in...which is what you see above. That's a good idea, posting it to realself to see.... I uploaded the same pics to Curology /pocketderm and my dermatologist on there recommend adding on a tretinoin at .018%.
  11. What exactly does their Treament entail if not harsh lasers?
  12. My current regimen is this, but it was free of the vitamin C and AHA up until approximately 1-2 months ago which was when I first started to add in more actives in my routine. Now I'm thinking about needing to take out all the actives because it might be causing the orange-peel texture?? AM Routine: Wash with Shiseido Miracle Whip foam cleanser, I work it up to a lather with a foaming net first before applying to skin. Wipe with Silk Naturals 8% AHA toner Apply Alpha Hydrox 10% AHA Oil Fr
  13. I am a long-term sufferer of acne, not always severe but definitely have gone through a quite a few cycles of cystic acne breakouts that ranged from moderate to severe in my lifetime. I've had acne for over 1.5 decades now, and still have an issue with breakouts. Over the years though, I've noticed the TEXTURE of my skin change so much due to all the damage. Can someone critique these photos and tell me what exact type of scarring I have - or whether it's a mix of scarring with enlarged pores or
  14. Hi, I was wondering if you or someone could comment on the fact that fiber inhibits zinc absorption? I've been trying to juggle the fiber/prognostic/digestive enzyme diet withe zinc but I feel like it's so hard! What foods are OK to consume that won't inhibit zinc absorption??
  15. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place - I apologize in advance if it isn't! But I am wondering if anyone else out there reacts adversely to AHAs, BHAs or any other types of exfoliating enzymes while also on a retinoid such as Tazorac? I know I've given Dan's AHA lotion several tries before in hopes that I can clear up all my clogged pores and whiteheads, but it's almost always ended up in more severe and cystic acne. I know that previous toners and cleansers that I have used con