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  1. I've been using it since November last year. It seems to be working, but i'm finding that you have to use as if its bp in the regimen i.e have a really thorough, regular cleansing regime. I take it with an oral antibiotic called lymecycline too. As my skin is really "resistant to treatment" according to my doctor I have to take two of these daily rather than the usual one. I've not had accutane, and I want to try and avoid it if possible. My brother has used accutane, that stuff works but its vi
  2. Definitely stick with the Roaccutane even though it is the same active as Isotrex Dannym, that is unlesss you are suffering from severe side effects which will be listed in your information leaflet. The way the body breaks down/uses the actives in the gel and pill are different so you shall definately see different results, also there is a variation in the strength ( which depends overall on the dose your derm has prescribed for you). I know my body may eventually become resistant to the antibio
  3. Oooooh, I want! Anything to save a bit of time in the morning is worth the expense, and if it just so happens to distract prying eyes from my pimples then thats even better! Do you know of any salons in the UK that apply these false eyelashes Martha1990? How long did it take for them to be applied? I'm interested!
  4. I'm crap with knowing what ingredients to look for within my beauty products, and all the strange names they put in these ingredients lists just freak me out! I wouldn't write off trying MMU in the future its just that I haven't found the right one for me yet and while something is working I'm just not willing to give it up! MIBFto is it poss to give us the lowdown on what ingredients to avoid if poss in these products for future reference? Thankyou!
  5. Isotrex works for me! I have however been using it with an antibiotic called lymecycline which I don't think is licensed for use in the US. Donnatkb, you are most definately correct Isotrex does contain the same active ingredient as Accutane (Isotretinoin) although it is in a different form. In this case a gel rather than a capsule. Unfortunately I have had to work in pharmacy for years and you get to know these things! I would say give it a try, you may like. However in your case I would most d
  6. Definitely don't use the tanning beds angel07! There bad, very very bad! Personally I like St Tropez, it makes you glow without the orange effect. Its very important to consider preparing your skin before using a tanning lotion so get hold of a good exfoliant. I've had to step out looking like a tangerine because i missed this step! Here in the UK they do a great exfoliant at Boots by a brand called Soap and Glory its called Flake Away, and boy does it smells divine too! Although I am sure you c
  7. Im 21 and have the skin of a 16 year old. When I was 16 I had the skin a 21 year old should have. Annoying!
  8. All the bloody time! And you know what I don't even take accutane, I do use isotrex gel though and I think this reaction from picking happens with whatever form of isotretinoin your using. Its a bummer.
  9. Personally I'm still undecided on minerals! I have tried the cheap and cheerful Collection 2000 and also middle range Revlon both made me break out after a few days. The Collection 2000 breakout was however nowhere near as bad as the Revlon. I've now become fed up with the time it takes to apply my mask and decided to meet my mother half way ( her theory is to let all the scars hang out and wear no make up, or as she likes to say "let the skin breathe") by using tinted moisturiser. It sort of di
  10. Hi xkatiex! Isotrex Gel isn't the same as tretinoin it contains the active ingredient isotretinoin which is an isomer of tretinoin, they are therefore related to one another but not exactly the same. Confusing I know! Do you use Isotrex with any other acne meds for example topical preps or antibiotics? How liberally are you applying the gel? I found its best to use quite a bit but my skin is pretty tough, is your skin sensitive? If so try reducing the amount your using a little. It is possible
  11. I've been taking lymecycline since November 08. My starting dose was one capsule daily however I was seeing little improvement with that dose so my doctor upped it to two capsules daily last month and the condition of my skin has improved greatly. I also use isotrex at night which has been great for preventing blackheads, and does seem to make the zits i do have go quicker and make the scars from previous ones look a little more acceptable. My advice would be to persevere for at least a couple o
  12. Right, I have worked in a chemist for 5 years so here is your answer. First of all it depends how many tubes your doctor wants to prescribe as one item. You pay £6.85 for each item (from April this year). The amount of tubes they prescribe as one item is at there discression however the doctor will have to follow certain rules on the amount of tubes he can give you depending on the area you live in. Generally I see prescriptions for one or two tubes. If you are however having more than 13 i