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  1. wtje

    my acne

    Hey man! I got same acne like yours 2 years ago. You should try accutane, it clears 80% of mine acne. But i use accutane too long that my body couldnt handle it anymore So now im Dan's Reginems for like 8 month's. I still have a ALOT of scars and a verry dry skin with alot of clogged pores and blackheads Suffering acne from a age of 15. I still dont know how to get rid of it. But accutane helped me alot! Try it and good luck1
  2. yooo homeboy i remember the face a long time ago now after the accu ya face look FRESH & NICE i finish mines tooo i only have scars left but still! husstlin for lifee ya digg
  3. im taking roaccutane for like 3 month's and im getting really depressive.. i start crying out of nowhere? i feel so tired too and the people around me making me crazy.. before roaccutane,, i never have depressive. i always have alot self-confidence... now i feel so weak and tired and shit.. lately im acting really weird agianst my girlfriend too.. please help me
  4. hey u look cute! stay on with the battle! u aint the only we all go tru those pains and suffer!
  5. wtje

    gross my acne

    ya shoulndt use make up anymore.
  6. wtje


    yeaa i got the same scars tooo acne sucks
  7. wtje

    Acne free days

    hi cutieeeeeeeeeeeeee u look pretty hihi
  8. hey haha

    i added u!

    leave me a comment on myspace so i can hook u up..

    so u are from turkey huh?


  9. haha yeaa i see some improvent. just keep on using it and over a couple of months it will b cleared.. GOOD LUCK
  10. wtje

    gross my acne

    ya look pretty! i got the same acne and scars like yours.. check out my picss
  11. wtje


    yaa i love hongkong so cool
  12. hey i got the same hell as yours.. i had it on my 15 and now im 18 you should try take minocycline 200 it works for me.. dont use any product trust me.. it aint helping on heavy acne i have tried alot of products in those 3 years.. and spend alot of money for it. it took me 8 months to get off my acne using that medicine.. i hope this will works for you too.. now i only got alot of scars left on my face.. message me back i send u some photos and u can check the results in those 3 sh
  13. i got the same acne like yours.. even worse.. so hows your face look like ?