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  1. http://books.google.com/books?id=x_eA7dCle...;q=&f=false I think everyone here should read this. Around pg 338 there are some really applicable things to dealing with acne holistically.
  2. Where have you read THC is anti-inflammatory? That is really interesting if it's true. I'm not sure about the candida issue, so I have no advice there, but in my experience smoking weed makes my acne a lot worse, which is very unfortunate because I do enjoy it in moderation, but even that seems to make it worse. Not sure about edibles vs inhaling though.. But it would be great if cannabutter had no ill effects on skin. Would make me a lot happier and less worried about indulging in thc and not g
  3. Coconut oil is great for a lot of things! I don't apply it topically but I take a couple tablespoons a day in various ways, usually on toast (very tasty) or when cooking anything. It is a great oil to cook with. There are lots of benefits to it, just search a little on google and you can find a lot of things it is supposedly beneficial for. Plus its delicious in my opinion, but i like coconut and not everyone does. Even if it has no effect on acne it is still great for overall health and good he
  4. Yeah this is what I am most worried about, my skin going nuts if I quit all at once. I stopped applying duac two days ago simply because it burns the hell out of my skin and anything that irritating ought not to be too good. Has your skin gotten back to normal since you've quit topicals?
  5. SO basically, after my 7+ years of aggressively fighting acne with various topicals, accutane (worked for about a year then my acne returned, which is just wonderful), what have you, I feel like quitting my regime of duac and differin and trying to go 100% the holistic rout. I have been on various "diets" to try and control my acne, and for the last year or so I basically attempt to avoid all sugar, heavily processed foods, overly oily foods, etc. etc. I eat organic 90% of the time, drink lots o
  6. I do wash my face in the morning, I just don't use a cleanser, only water, then apply azalex, and after it absorbs I moisturize. The oil cleansing method is a method some people use of cleansing their face with a mixture of olive oil and castor oil, but I use a product just called "Deep Cleansing Oil", which has helped my skin tremendously since I've started using it. The Bio-Inlamin does not have any kelp in it, so I don't think that is the problem.
  7. Recently I've been breaking out in bad whiteheads all around my cheeks and chin and around my mouth. During the summer I was almost perfectly clear, but it seems like now whatever I do I break out and I can't keep it under control. This is what i'm doing at the moment: Morning: Apply Azalex Moisturize with Aveeno Skin Relief moisturising lotion Diet: Drink at LEAST 1/2 a gallon - a gallon a day. (I drink a LOT of water) No dairy No sugar Try to stay away from fried/overly greasy foods Green
  8. Yesterday I was prescribed Azalex by my derm. I am using it now in addition to retin-a micro and taking doxycycline once a day. Anyone have any info on azalex? personal expirence? anything is helpful!
  9. does anyone else ever feel their face randomly itching? does this mean more acne is forming? or does it mean it is healing? anything?
  10. I was rather surprised when my derm prescribed it to me, because I am pretty knowledgable about different medications for acne, knowing I've been on and off about every single one since the 5th grade, but I had never heard of it/seen it before. On the bottle it says it is made of sodium sulfacetamide lotion (whatever that is). I really don't like the feeling/smell of it, it's kind of sticky and makes my skin feel not so great for a bit after i put it on, but I've noticed when I don't use it I g
  11. I'm currently using retin-a micro and klaron. It's really the fact that i have two different topicals to put on which makes it more difficult, which means applying one, waiting for a while till it absorbs and dries, then applying the next one. Usually it doesn't break me out TOO bad when i miss one night, but I just got past a bad breakout from this last week, and finally getting clear(er) is definately a relief, so I don't want to fall back into it.
  12. does anyone else have problems when you stay over at someone else's house and have to wash your face and put on all your medication without having it seem wierd? i always feel really awkward when i'll be hanging out with a friend, and when i go to brush my teeth and wash my face and all that it takes me about half an hour because i don't want them to know/see that i have to put all this stuff on my face, wait for it to dry, etc. is this a problem for anyone else? and tonight is the first nigh