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  1. Ok, I just tried the Nucelle 10% serum and I can see some of my skin peeling off. Do I just leave the skin alone or am I suppose to scrub them off?
  2. Mandelic does exfoliate - both on the surface of the skin and also within the pore. I have not had very good luck with BHA myself. My esthetician who specializes in treating acne also has found BHA's to be ineffective for most of her non-inflamed acne clients.
  3. Willow, Does Mandelic acid exfoliate the skin? Do you need to use something like a BHA in conjuction with mandelic acid?
  4. Thanks for the reply LionQueen and Willow569. I have one more question. Sorry for so many! Whats the difference between the 2% BHA gel from Paula's Choice and 15% Mandelic serum? And which is more gentle on the skin?
  5. One more question before I make a purchase. What is the difference between these serums? Are the mandelic products carried by Nucelle, DY, and Viviant the same? There is quite a big difference in pricing between the Mandelic serum sold by Nucelle (2oz for 30 dollars) and DY and Viviant (1oz for 60 dollars).
  6. Lionqueen, Have you ever tried the Mandelic cleanser from Vivants? Tuan
  7. Thanks! Which of the mandelic acid products would you recommend? I have heard of Mama lotion and the DY one. I would like to use the one that is easiest to apply.
  8. Hi, Will this work to clear congested pores? I have some white stuff under my skin and nothing I do will make it go away. It is solid white and the only way I can get rid of it is if I squeeze it out. I am not sure what the correct term of acne this is called. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Im on my 2nd week with this cleanser and the jury is still out. It doesnt make my face really dry, but it does make my face feel really tight. I am not sure if that is a good thing.
  10. Hi, Does anyone have experience with Lindasy's moisture lotion for normal/combination skin and Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Gel? Im trying to decide between the two, but I find Paula's Choice on the expensive side.