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  1. I've stopped drinking milk, sour milk and yoghurt for a couple of months which have helped clear up my facial acne. I'm curious to know if it's only milk which causes my acne or if it works to eat sour milk and yoghurt? What's your experience? Is it only pure milk that triggers breakouts?
  2. I've been having problems with bacne for 10 years and I recently stopped using body wash and schampoo on my back, which in only a couple of days have resulted in that my bacne has cleared up. Now I only have red marks and scars left. What ingrediens in the body wash / schampoo is most likely to cause my acne? It still would be nice to wash myself with not only water, especially since I work out a lot, and I guess I need to pay some attention to what I put on my back.
  3. For 1,5 months ago I stopped eating dairy products and my acne has cleared. I'm curious to know if it is any special substance in the milk or yogurt that triggers my acne? I work out a lot and recently I brought a protein supplement and didn't read the ingredients carefully and I saw now that it contains milk protein. Is it the milk protein in the dairy products that cause me to break out? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey Koska, Try PanOxyl - you can get it as a body wash, or in bar form. It also comes in either 5% or 10% Benzoyl Peroxide strength. Worked wonders for me...I've seen it in both Rite-Aid and Walgreens. Good luck! Thanks for the tip. Do you know any who ship to Europe?
  5. You mean that you squeeze them out? Noo. I might use a needle to get out the pus after the ice has brought the pimple to a head, but its best to wait till the head has gotten as big as you think it's gonna get. And then maybe put some clindamycin gel on the pimple, that works for me...except I think I've become immune to it, which sucks.
  6. Wow, that worked really well!! I wired a rubber band on each side of the wrap to hold it together when I'm not using it. Then I used it as the Body Buddy. Cool! Thanks a lot!!
  7. Alright, here's what to do: 1. Take something that is long as a kitchen knife. Take something else than a kitchen knife to make sure you'll not hurt yourself. 2. Take a make up pad, roll it and use a rubber band and wire it on the top of your stick. 3. Apply BP or moisturizer on the make up pad and use it to get to the middle area of your back. (4. Apply product with hands to your upper and lower back.) Pretty easy, huh? You might want to use something else than make up pads, since th
  8. Another thing: If the spot breaks up it will leave an open wound (and probably be infected so it turns into a big red wound). Is it really good to put benzoyl perxoide cream in/on there?
  9. Consistency is so important, no matter which regimen you use.
  10. This seems to be the case with a lot of different regimens. If just someone could figure out why this is...
  11. I mean, how do you treat whiteheads that has already appeared and just grows bigger? Since they haven't broke through the surface of the skin, how should you be able to kill bacteria etc. for something you can't reach? To 'treat" acne for me is to prevent it from happening. When it happens there's not much to do. I've found a regimen that works good to prevent acne, but of course, I still get some breakouts now and then. Some of them grows to pretty big breakouts and I haven't still found a way