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  1. I suggest that you wait for their new site (which should be up today, 25.4), it supposes to be easier to choose the right color (I think there should to be accurate pictures of the colors) :)
  2. Hi everyone! Has anyone use the Natural Reflection powders? I want to buy one but I'm not sure which one to choose - the Light or the Golden Tan. CS suggested Light but a poster on the EM board said it leaves a light yellow cast on her foundation. I'm wearing Medium Beige (warm). What do you think? Thanks for any advice!
  3. I haven't tried it myself (too expensive for me) but I've heard excellent reviews on the 182 brush (Kabuki if I'm not mistaken). Here and here are the reviews at MUA. HTH!
  4. I thought you'd want to know there's a free shipping special at Aubrey Nicole even international! I've just ordered the "ADVANCED GEL PRIMER" plus two moisturizing lip color. HTH!
  5. This is really an excellent idea! I'm going to try that, thanks GG - I can't believe how much better and happier my skin is using the silk powder as a primer... and since I didn't want the white color and have a lot of red in my face, adding the Sunlight just made a lot of sense. Now I don't have to use very much foundation to get a flawless complexion. Please let me know how it works for you. I have the tinted silk dust, we'll see if it works as well. I'm going to try it today in t
  6. This is really an excellent idea! I'm going to try that, thanks
  7. There's a swap thread here if you want to swap the foundation for something else. Although maybe it would work for you in the summer?
  8. You can order as many sample kits as you want but only one per order. You can also order other items with the sample kit if you want to.
  9. I won't be surprised if this has happened to others as well. I glued the eyebrow comb lets see how long it will hold *g*. There's a new special up: I can't wait to see the picture of the new blush. Personally I'm glad I took advantage of the previous special and didn't wail for a new one, the 2 free e/s look really great and they are full size, I think they'll last me forever :)
  10. Thanks Laurayne! I'll experiment and see what works for me. I just wasn't sure where the pink concealer comes to picture :) I think I'll try to glue the brush first since it was a freebie.
  11. I've received my order today, yay! I order on Dec 28th so i got it very quickly. (Red Grapes - I sent you a message). Two minor complaints - the fan brush was all squashed up and doesn't look very impressive and the eyebrow comb was broken, I'll try to glue it back together. Everything else looks really great, especially the free e/s. Ginger Bread Man looks very pretty in the pot. I haven't tried anything yet but I can't wait to try: Sunday Brunch, All Smile, and Favorite Hoodie blushes
  12. Just FYI there are two new brushes up - a shadow brush and an oval concealer brush. The new shadow brush would also be included in the eyeshadow kit. ETA: Red Grapes, I sent you a massage.
  13. YES IT WORKS AMAZINGLY! i just started the OIL CLEANSING METHOD this week and I LOVE IT! i substitute olive oil for jojoba oil and it's great. my skin literally glows (not in a greasy way lol) check out these sites: http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/ http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm
  14. I've added a few drops of pure concentrate rosewater to my spritzer. It smells great and I've read that it has light astringent properties. I use it as a toner, a way to dampen my brush for wet application of my mmu and as a setting spray. (It shouldn't be applied directly on skin, only diluted with water ). The green tea suggestion sounds good too.
  15. I've just ordered my first full kit, yay! Now starts the impatient wait for it to arrive, lol. Red Grapes, I'll contact you when I get the package .
  16. I use medium beige intensive and when I want to darken it a little I just put another (thin) layer of medium beige summer on top, I don't mixed them together beforehand. It works for me :)
  17. Does anyone use this eve dual fiber brush? How is it for applying blush? I don't know whether to wait for the new blush brush or order a kit with the flat top instead and use the free brush for blushes. :think:
  18. I think the new long handled Kabuki or flat top would be better for foundation than the Sooshco Baby Kabuki. Also I think Carina said that there's going to be a new Sooshco Baby Kabuki. When I ordered the sample kit I also bought a baby kabuki, I was sure it was called Sooshco Baby Kabuki but after checking EDM site I'm not sure. Mine was 4$ and not 6$ and the description is a little different - mine is short handled and on the site it said to have extra long handle so I'm not sure it's the sa
  19. Do you know whether the size of the samples is the same as the mini foundation size (2.5g) or are they smaller? TIA!