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  1. I have been VERY low and in a world of mental hurt basically second guessing my decision to go on Accutane. Im taking the same dose as you, 10mg per day. Honestly some days just seems like Im taking the pill that will lead to my untimely demise from bowel cancer, an enlarged brain and severe arthritis. All while going bald. The thing to remember and what has helped me (please take this as a suggestion, its not meant to make you feel bad about yourself or put yourself down) is remembering all the
  2. DAY 29 Wow day 29 all ready! I haven't been on here in a while basically because I have been able to go out and enjoy life. The antibiotics are still kicking my ass, every day I need to sleep mid day for an hour, Im thirsty ALL the time and somewhat emotionally up and down but the accutane is working. I am so thankful that Ive been able to tolerate it thus far... even at a low dose, it is sufficient enough to have given me back about 15 days of my life! As for side effects, my hair seems a lit
  3. Hey Ringmaster, I've got long blonde hair. It's thin but there's a lot of it? If that makes sense? Yeah I'm hoping for the best. I'd be devastated if it started to fall out I'm so attatched to it. But I don't colour my hair or straighten it so I'm hoping that will help. I've also been using a antibreakage shampoo and conditioner and a leave in conditioner, coz when my hair gets dry it breaks quite easily. Im thinking my low dose will lower the chances of such a side effect. As vain as it is, ha
  4. Hey I read your log, or at least the last part of it and Im happy you are seeing such great results! Im a few days behind you, on a much lower dose but im also having really good results so far. I am kind of wishing I did this sooner. Anyways I wouldnt stress too much about the "not a significant source of vit A" thing... That means that there is NOT much vit A in the supplement and besides Im sure there are people out there who are not as vigilant with their label reading (I read everything too
  5. NOOOOOoooo! How is your hair doing? is it thick or thin? long or short? I have thin hair and it cant afford to get any thinner..
  6. DAY 15 Well my sex drive has been cut in half. Im tired ALL the time, sometimes sleeping for 1 or 2 hours during the day, just to make it through (that might be the antibiodics though). My mood is also a bit up and down, on the up I feel great! More confidence, pretty easy going attitude and a really inability to give a shit about anything. Example: I played rock band for 2 hours this morning instead of studying for an exam. On the down side though, when Im not feeling so hot, which was all the
  7. DAY 10 Antibiotics are owning me HARD right now... TIRED, CRANKY, UPSET STOMACH.. They cleared up the breakout I just had though in record time. Theres just red marks everywhere from popping white heads but no new ones. For me that is pretty much un heard of... it usually gets much worse (without the antibiotics) from this point on so I guess Ill just have to put up with the tiredness etc Having trouble staying focused studying for exams... not sure if thats the drugs or just my brain and its
  8. DAY 9 Shitty breakout all over my chin today... I went with a "sterilized" pin and popped about 12 in total today. So now my chin is all rough, flaky, red, etc... Had some chest pains toady which is something I pay attention to becuase I have had two instances of Myocarditis (heart problems) in the past. The pains feel or felt more muscular than anything and didnt last very long. I have been TIRED the last few days, went to bed at 9:30 pm last night and had to wake up at 7:30 this morning altho
  9. Hey Im a few days ahead of you and I started noticing my skin becoming less oily after a few days. Im also in Aus!! Good luck and keep us posted
  10. Yes I took a look at your log, its good to know that there are other people out there besides me with a few complications to their treatment. Sorry I know how that sounds lol but ya, not meant in a bad way Hey thanks! Unfortunately though I was on prednisone once before and it totally messed me up: acne like crazy, back aches, bad dreams etc... Im thinking of the IB this way... If im lucky enough to tollerate the Accutane long enough to have the IB then im doing well. DAY 5 Not
  11. DAY 3 Had some moderate back pain at the end of Day 1 which progressed to really annoying throughout Day 2 and was pretty much gone this morning when I woke up. One thing Ive noticed is being very tired and "thoughtful" I guess is the word.. or more introverted than usual. Its not a bad thing though, I slept like a log when my Girlfriend was over last night and normally I sleep pretty light when she's around. I did a ton of research before starting Accutane but now that Im on it its really hitt
  12. Hey everyone, Im pretty new here, not a big poster maybe I haven't ever posted, I cant remember. Anyways I am on Day 2 @ 10mg per day. I have Lupus, hence the lower starting dose. My derm wants to do a 9 month course, 10mg for a month or so, then 20mg and progressing to 30mg. I decided not to read any other diaries or logs as I am fairly optimistic about this drug and I don't want to get high hopes/ preconceived notions, or worse lose faith in it all together. I did skim a few logs and it seems
  13. I have been reading this thread over the last few weeks and have decided to give the regimen a go. A little background on me: I've had moderate cystic acne since I was about 14 years old. This was right through the "critical" years of grades 7 through 12 so my self confidence suffered a lot throughout this time period and has obviously shaped who I am today, for better or worse. I am now In my 3rd year of college and 21 years old and STILL have MILD cystic acne. Although I have recovered a ton o