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  1. Thanks <3, the name also reflects the person xD

  2. congrats, that's a pretty name

  3. Haha thanks Lyssa, my real name is Daniel btw

  4. happy birthday whatever name you told me you were last ^____^ :) <3

  5. Hey guys lay off the harsh comments and saying how insignificant her acne is compared to yours. This does NOTHING for anyone and only gives people a bad view on ppl on this forum. I'm sure most of you have your own topic dedicated to how horrible your acne is and you wouldn't want ppl to flame it. Personally, when i see a girl w/o make up i gain so much respect for her and as a result i'm more attracted to the person compared to girls w/ make up. I'm not saying don't wear any make up at all cus
  6. or in my case the beerholder sorry if this is a bit off topic and you can delete it if you want. i agree with your sentiments in your post.. but you have to admit, those things you have listed can all be fixed relatively easily. what we have, absolutely cannot (for the bulk of posters who suffer from acne here) with money; bad teeth can be bleached, at home, or lazored in the dentist. crooked teeth can be fixed over a given time with braces. really bad teeth can be replaced with caps.
  7. Hmmm, I'm not too sure on the sulfur/bp washes since they can be VERY irritating. Yes they may be working well for you now, but IMO i think thats whats causing your skin to rebel. Is your skins mass producing oil in response to the sulfur or do you just have naturally oily skin? I suggest using a mild face wash instead. If thats too light then slowly transition to it. The rest of the regimen seems fine to me. Btw what did the good derm do that made her so great? Oh and dairy can contribute t
  8. It is possible that the antibiotics could make you breakout. Dorxy can kill good bacteria helps your skin heal and protects you from sun rays. With this extra aggravation, your acne could turn cystic Antibiotics work differently for everyone. I took Doxy/ benzaclin for my severe acne (i already had cysts) and it did get better for me. But other factors may have aggravated your skin more than the antibiotics. I see your using many many products on your face. A lot of the brand named washes/me
  9. haha ok i guess your ignoring half my post...well then just be yourself, bring up conversation and all that good stuff. If your really serious about getting w/ her, then be the man and talk w/ her. If being yourself doesn't make her like you then forget about it. Like you said, its just a crush Can't help you on what to say to bring up convo cus you probably heard it all. "talk about class, the teacher, common interest, etc" You probably cant jump from not knowing this girl, to close friends, t
  10. I have to disagree on that. Although its not the main cause of his acne, it still plays a big role on the condition of it. I do agree that you should go to a derm asap. Your acne IMO is probably from irritation/picking. As for now, stay away from using harsh face wash w/ medication or anything w/ fragrance or irritants. I think the inflammation is due to those products. Try using lighter washes or just go with water. Since its mainly on your forehead, I doubt its dirt/oil cus then it sh
  11. Exactly. People are suffering cus they think its too hard to change who they are so they don't even try. Theres only 2 choices in life. Go and live your life and face the critics, or stay home and die. This is probably the hardest choice in my life. But you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you make the right choice.
  12. Well if you actually know her pretty well and are close friends then I say go for it. But if its just like a random crush then get to know her more. Judging by your post the crush is mostly physical attraction and relationships based on that tends to not go so well. Also since it's your last year in hs, you either have to follow her to the same college next year or have a somewhat long distance relationship depending on where you both go. Yeah, so ask yourself if you just want a short term