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  1. I am by no means a doctor...but Im pretty sure its blepharitis. I had it too. Its not a big deal. You might also be noticing like white things in your eyelids ever now and then, maybe not that many... kind of like dandruff. I'd go see the eye doctor, he'll tell you to scrub your eyelids with baby shampoo every morning for thirty seconds.
  2. Hey- I got those when I was on accutane towards the end of my treatment. Its normal. But its good to take care if early. A good body moisturizer worked for me : )
  3. I've read about tons of people who get tired on accutane and experience it myself. My derm even acknowledges it... in fact... I haven't run in to one person who hasn't ben tired while on it...
  4. A lot of people who have posted on here don't seem to know what they are talking about. Obviously I'm not an expert, however, what you're going through is very normal. Don't worry. Soon, it will be gone and it probably will only get better from here.
  5. what is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae what is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae
  6. Ploptose- I'm sorry to hear that...really I am. I know how much it sucks. I have a question though... and I think you would be the expert on the answer: I plan on joining the army. I have done accutane once... and I thought I would have a lot of trouble getting accutane prescribed to me while in the army... so...five months after I finished my first course I started my second (today,) Even though my acne has only returned a little bit. I'm doing this because I need to finish two months befor
  7. Well today I started my second course of accutane and realized that my shaving habits will need to change during my course. Here is my situation : My skin gets pretty irritated when I shave my beard (which is every day.) I guess they are ingrown hairs...red bumps..look like pimples. I dunno. I haven't ever really tried after shave but have used some types of after-lotion or what not to no avail. Never a real after shave. However...one thing that does work and work almost 100 percent is rubbin
  8. You have NO idea how much I agree with you. I have thought this SO many times. The side effects for me we very light. I just finished about three months and my acne is coming back, though less severe. But I want it gone damnit. How bad was your acne? Mine wasn't terrible, but definately not good. I hope to start a second run in a couple of weeks once I talk to my dermatologist. What was your experience like? Did it help at all?
  9. I've herd different answers.. but my derm has said she doesn't care. She said no time at all if I felt like it. Shes very pro accutane. I love that woman.
  10. This is just acne im pretty sure.. im getitng the same thing and im post accutane. You guys probably aren't used to it because its a different type of acne ( not as bad i dont think.) But I've had these for a long time. I may of curse be wrong, but this is what it seems like to me. I'm going back on accutane asap.
  11. Accutane was the best decision I've ever made. The 6th months on it will never ever be taken away from me by acne. However, I've been post accutane since mid may... and the acne has started to come back. Not as bad, but it was first one, then two, then three... by the time I make number one go away, four and five are already settling down and making friends with two and three. The acne is not NEARLY as bad as it used to be... however, getting mild stubborn breakouts this early on different area
  12. I finished accutane in may... I now have acne again : ( Its not as bad... but.. as soon as i get home next week I'm gonna set up an appointment with my derm. I wanna do it again. Even though it didn't "cure" me, I definately recommend it. It was the best 6 months of my life since freshman year of high school. There is nothing like having great skin.
  13. 8th grade ( not sure how old i was) She was beautiful : ) Went to the movies wit her family...but we sat in the row in front of them ( talk about nervous on my part.) The movie was catch me if you can...always a good flick : )
  14. mm8 - accutane is known to work for some people only after multiple tries.. MANY people go on at LEAST a second course of accutane.