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  1. I think you are overdoing it. You might be destroying your natural skin flora. Try this. Mild Cleanser (Cerave or Cetaphil) am and pm Healthy Diet Doxy 40 mg or Zinc aloneeee.. disregard all unneeded supplements remove the aztec mud mask and sulfa wash, its way too harsh. and soolantra Note that doxy 40mg is too weak. and there are some studies if i remember correct that zinc and doxy can inhibit each other. so it makes it much weaker. Im not a fan of antibiotics for acne tbh.
  2. Hello I made this account just to tell you . How I cured mine. Brief History i've been in long term antibiotics and isotretinoin too but this little creepers keep coming back jsut around the mouth and in the chin.sometimes in nose creases. I've suffered for around 3-4 years with this condition. and for the past months I can say I've discovered what is triggering it. for 4 months now I am acne free. AVOID THESE 3 AT ALL COST. No 1. FRUITS! and Fructose containing items (honey etccc.).