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  1. I remember reading about 8 years ago how the dermaroller was this huge big breakthrough and people were getting amazing results. You barely even here about it now. All that happened when using it was you got a bit red, if unlucky you scratched your skin. It literally did nothing for scars, yet you had some proclaiming it as the ninth wonder of the world. So was this just a fake promo fad in the long line of fads?
  2. Whats the most recommended TCA peel to buy? I'm not talking random acid that simply burns and is most likely something else, but the actual same effect you get from TCA at the dermatologists - ie, you get peeling effect.
  3. Do these MUAC induce a peeling with the peel, or is it simply a burn? IMO it's easy to determine 'fake' TCA with the real stuff - a fake will just burn you, and have no peeling. The real stuff, will see your skin brown up and peel after a few days. Intrigued.
  4. Guys be careful buying any TCA Peels online. These aren't the same sort of peels that a dermatologist may have in his surgery. I was watching a documentary here in the UK yesterday, and alot are just highly concentrated generic acid and/or some other material altogether You are literally just burning yourself with who knows what. Real TCA, applied conservatively will generally provoke a peeling in the skin after a few days. These TCA peels do nothing but burn the skin, and sometimes cause