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  1. Are you going on a double date with your friend and his g/f? I too have a blind date on Saturday with my cousin's husband's friend and all four of us are going out so that takes some of the pressure off of not only a first date but a blind date! I haven't been on a date in about a year and I am really looking forward to it! Good luck and remember to just be yourself!!
  2. my prescription is 180 pills (25mg) per month and they give them to me all at the same time.
  3. Maybe it's the chlorine, it does have a drying effect.
  4. 30 pills (25mg) per $4 prescription, I am on 150mg daily so I pay $24 per month, very affordable for me.
  5. Spiro has been excellent for my cystic acne, I was completely clear by month 6. Spiro only works while you are taking it, it is not a "cure" for acne.
  6. I get my spiro from Giant Eagle (grocery store), they have the $4 prescription program. I just have my doctor write the prescription for the 25mg pills. I could not afford to be on spiro if it wasn't for the $4 prescription program because I don't have insurance with prescription coverage.
  7. or maybe it's alot more simple and your skin just looks alot redder under those lights? Its just the lighting making you look redder. I look OK in natural light but under flourescent lights i look terrible. I don't think it's just that the light makes my face red because it takes an hour or two before the redness sets in at work and it takes a while after i go home for the redness to go away. I heard that flourescent light can irritate rosacea. I don't have rosacea, at least not th
  8. I have been wondering if fluorescent light could be making my face red and slightly irritated. After being at work for a few hours my face starts getting red on and around my nose and chin and itches a little. After being home from work for an hour or so the redness is gone, also, my face does not get red at all on the weekends, I am only exposed to fluorescent light at work. Has any one experienced a skin reaction from fluorescent lights?
  9. I use Seventh Generation Free & Clear laundry detergent, it's an all natural detergent and it cleans very well, even my 2 son's dirty stinky clothes!! Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid Ingredients: A low-foaming blend of naturally-derived cleaning agents (coconut-based surfactants), Non-animal derived enzymes to remove protein and starch stains, Natural water softener and alkalinity builder for enhanced performance (borax), Natural anti-redeposition agent
  10. I have been on spiro for 6 months and I am not on bcp. I experienced a little breast tenderness in the 2nd. month and my perios went crazy in the 3rd.-5th. months, I had a period every 2 weeks. This month which is month 6, has been completely normal, I am hoping that my cycle stays that way but I would put up with a periods every 2 weeks to have clear skin!! I do not use any topicals My acne seemed to get a little worse during the first 2 months and during month 3 my the new acne d
  11. joyful1


    I have been clear since month 3 on spiro with the exception of a cyst about a month ago ( I have been on spiro 6 months) and it didn't last as long as it would have in my pre-spiro days and it did not leave a red mark!!
  12. I have been on a diet of mostly organic foods for almost 4 years. My biggest concern (for acne) is the growth hormones given to animals that end up in your dairy products and in your meat. My diet unfortunately didn't completely clear my acne (thank goodness for Spiro!) but it helped and has improved many other health issues and concerns for me. The downside to eating organic is the cost but in the long run I will offset the cost by spending less on OTC and prescription meds and trips to the d
  13. I use Mitchum Smart Solid in Rose Petal scent. The key is to put your anti-perspirant on right before you got to bed. The anti-perspirant ingredients need time to absorb into to your skin and form a barrier (it actually "plugs" your sweat glands) to stop the perspiration.
  14. 36...I should be stressing about wrinkles, not acne!!!