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  1. i justtt finished accutane today, and have been noticing that ive developed these ice pick scars throughout my course which i think is horrendous, even though everyone around me says "its no big deal and i am so self involved"....i never had really bad cystic acne, just mild/moderate hormonal acne that got worse... does it make sense that even moderate acne scarred into ice pick scars? will this get better??? is it normal to develop these types of scars even from mild acne while on tane?
  2. hey guys im going into my 3rd month on accutane. I dont know if i am alone in thinking this but i feel as though there is soo little knowledge on just exactly what to do during your course. there is so much dispute on moisturizing/not/spot treatment/red mark treatment. there MUST be some way to get all these answers! haha anyway my question is regarding moisturizing. i pretty much stopped breaking out but i still do have small bumps on my cheeks that have not gone away. i dont have any act
  3. haha wow same thinggg...well other than the fact that im scared of moisturizer yet i wear foundation...partly because im away at college and will scare my roommates if i dont wear makeup. when i take it off though im scared of moisturizer hehe lets hope our skin clear up!
  4. Hey guys im day 51 in to accutane. I was on 40 mg the first month and started on 60 mg on Feb 5th. My question isss...both in month 1 and 2 my face has gotten so so so dry like peeling style, and then became normal (not oily but like normal producing some whiteheads). Like last week my face was peeling everywhere and i was kind of happy cuz it seemed like all of my actives were dryed up and gone (mostly just under the skin little whiteheads)...and now this week my face is not dry AT ALL, an
  5. hey! congrats on some progress....im 1 month in and...ehh its coming along i guess. i was wondering how the hydroquinone cream is working out for you and how to apply it....i am in dire need of some red mark reducage!!! i def know what u mean about the oiliness...i was sooo dry last week like scaley almost and now my face isnt OILYYY but like def more oily than last week. I thought it was because its around the time of my period but who knows.... gluck to you!
  6. i just started using this and it has great coverage but i cant tell if its breaking me out or not. it says that it is non comedegenic non acnegenic oil free..all that crap, but i dont see how something so thick and long wearing wont clog pores....i also wear it throughout most of the day because i am away at school and have to show my pimply-redmarked face a lot. im on accutane currently so im not really sure if its just breakout or the foundation is whats causing it? has anyone had experienc
  7. thanks guys! im currently wearing Estee Lauder's double wear and although it says "non comed/acne genic, oil free, WONT CLOG PORES, its so heavy and long wearing that i dont see how this is possible. Im wearing it though cuz its great coverage so i dunooo. Im away at school and always around people so i really need it! haha....i almost wanna go home for a week and let my skin BREATHE! hahaha thanks guys love u
  8. i find myself wearing makeup most of the day...i use oil free non comed/acnegenic makeup and i take it off very well at night i know the bestthing would be to not use any but i CANT i have horrible red marks did anyone wear makeup while taking accutane and it still worked for them?
  9. are any kind of masks or oils okay during accutane? i am 1 month into my course and its getting better but still have some clogged pores. Would something like a sulfur mask be okay to use? i know you are suppost to be super gentle to your skin while on tane, but i really feel like theres a bunch of crap under my skin that NEEDS to come out! oh and ps...my redmarks are horrendous
  10. hey babe! its so great to see youre doing well! thankfully that IB is overrrr!!! the breakout that i got seems as though its slightly subsiding too (not to jinx myself). I expected more dryness!!! alrighty...best of luck to you!
  11. DAY 11 im actually pretty happy to be back at school. Its pretty silly that i was "afraid" to be seen by the people i love. I came home to my room decorated for my bday (was on dec 30th) and a ton of gifts from my sorority sisters. the girls i live with have been my best friends from freshman year (im nowa senior) and could give 2 shits less how many pimples i have on my face. they are throwing me a party tomorow my neck pain has gone away:) i went to the gym today and had a great work ou
  12. hey babe! i defff know how frustrating it is to have parents that dont support you taking this drug, and how difficult it is to complain to them when dont want you on it in the first place! its good youre having this IB pretty early, to get it over with!!! how has the proactic mask been working for spot treatment? im thinking of adding in something for spot treatment but dont know if i should just let them heal naturally. i dont know but i have one forming little guy that has potential to