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  1. Hi, I’ve posted before, but in the last year I’ve gotten more scars. What type of treatment do you think is best for me. I don’t want to do a treatment if it might make things worse, what is the best treatment for pitted scars, like the ones on my forehead and in between my eyes? Also, I’ve been on spironolactone and using epiduo forte. My face has gotten kind of pale, and I get that that’s part of it, but seeing as getting sun is not a good option, does anyone have a self tanner recommend
  2. Ok so first of all, I look super like unhappy here, but I’m not lol. Ok moving on, I have always had acne, but it got really bad back in October/November. It got so bad, like cystic acne was all over my forehead. It has since gone away, and I’m pretty good at managing acne and haven’t had bad acne for a couple months which is good. However, my face was left with some pretty awkward scars. I have tried laser treatments in the past, and they have helped with hyperpigmination. However, my scars are