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  1. My pleasure! I wish I had found it earlier too...
  2. yes I am. I started on day 5 though, because that's when collagen starts reattaching day 5-7 lbs. the saline filler has subsided by day 7-10. So until saline acts as the cushion it's not necessary. After that yes.
  3. Yes exactly. And thank you. Im hoping so too. But nonetheless I'm never giving up! But so far so good! It I'll do as many subcisions and fillers as necessary for as close to perfect as I can get..
  4. I am a very surprised that subcision did not help, and made it worse. There are a lot of tethers. But that would definitely be very helpful in atleast softening them. Are you sure you got subcision or something else?
  5. Spironolactone is a peripheral testosterone inhibitor. So it decreases testosterone(that's how it decreases acne) and increases estrogen. Estrogen increases boob size. breast tissue is very estrogen oriented..because it has estrogen stimulatory receptors. Other than that you could get headaches from dehydration because it is a diuretic so make sure to drink plenty of water.. never got palpitations but that happens when dehydrated so make sure to drink a lot of a water. Initially It made me a
  6. I did not have an initial breakout. Got cleared within a month. And in 2 -3 on this absolutely none. But definitely with a clean diet girl you can get some sweet boobies too. Not every woman does, but I did +2 cups But if you don't want them even a lower dose will clear you up. 100 mg is good. Higher dose doesn't have a better effect. It might do the opposite because of how the hypothalamus pituitary axis works. Disclaimer:Although I am not going to reccomend getting it without a prescripti
  7. Yes diet caused my acne. My mom would cook Oily spicy food as a kid and that made break out . What cleared me completely was spironolactone. But if I had taken care of my diet I'd never break out. If you can do water fasting that's good or else I reccomend intermittent fasting. With healthy foods. Salad, chicken, eggs. Avoid all carbs bread pasta, etc. I'd fast for 16 hours and eat in the 8 hour window all healthy meals. I took a break from spironolactone during a period and followed a
  8. Il make a YouTube video about my progression and update over there as months ago by. I'll provide a link later if anyone wants to follow. (Becusse videos are more real than pictures) and I have clips from most stages That's an awesome plan and I'm sure you will see great results ! 2 of my areas were subcised 6 weeks ago and none of the numerous scars have come back at all in Those areas Initially I thought microneedling did bad than good, but now I'm glad I got it done.
  9. What I mean is nokor is not a flexible needle it is thick and sharp. And so causes a lot of trauma.. if used over the same area over and over again and can poke through the hypodermis if care is not taken and pressure is applied in a wrong direction creating a deeper scar . Where as cannula is thinner and flexible.. and doesn't penetrate hypodermis even with pressure so it can be easily moved in all directions multiple times without too much trauma and still be considered aggressive enough to
  10. ^^ sure will Sorry if you are unhappy with your results. No one said it's a 110 % success rate. All we are trying to say is, there's progress over time. If it took years to develop scars, certainly won't take a day to go away. Regardless even if it's a 50 % heck even 40 % improvement I'll take it, like I already said. Keep your negativity out of my thread. thanks. maybe if you change your mindset and change how you see the world and wish for others, it will reflect back on you differently thr
  11. That is so awesome! So happy for you and thanks for sharing because reassurance is very motivating and positive energy infusing. Most people don't care to share once they get the results they are gone! I think everyone should have great results. No one deserves to be embarrassed about what hormones did to them for a few months, taking away the ability to be themselves. I am still thankful for the people who looked down on me becusse of my scars and devalued me because they are about to get a
  12. Anyway since the fact that I'm not only a fitness model but also a physician is out, i will stop playing dumb, and would like to elaborate on the very controversial arguments here about nokor vs cannula. They are just types of needles. They are not names of procedures. A lot of people think that nokor needle should be used a certain way. No. A nokor needle can be used to perform different procedures in different ways. Usually the physician decides how he would want to use the needle. It's su
  13. Ofcourse . I will wait. But with me any progress iS GREAT PROGRESS with scars plus I Am a very positive person . I can almost bring all things into reality by visualizing the outcome I desire. IT really does make a huge difference. When I decide to trust someone's treating me , i go inn with 110 % faith and zero doubts. I am a doctor (not Derm) my self and so I know what the outcome will look like already. And how Important it is to have a patient trust you. I'll be seeing Dr. Rullan
  14. Yes i will Dr did do microneedling right after subcision. It did help superficial scars and also this huge scar on my chin from an injury since childhood is completely gone with microneedling . Good lord talk about healing the past. Why do you ask?