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  1. Pastel colours and yellow are a no no for me. Red makes me feel happy.
  2. I'm going to move this to the Personal regimen logs forum for you, thatguy16, so you can keep updating and getting responses.
  3. lol, no I think it's a verb. Although I guess a post-accutane log could be appropriate here too!
  4. Yep, Tetraysal 300, this is what I've been taking for the past 10 months or something. I had mainly mild acne and it cleared me up within about 3/4 months completely. You've probably read the whole web page, but the important thing is not to take them with (or soon before/after) food, and if you're using the pill it makes it less effective so you have to be careful. Oh and the cider vinegar thing didn't do much for me either, apart from make me sore, so hopefully you'll have more success with
  5. Aw, I'm sorry about your uni stuff, but don't be too hard on yourself. Even if this doesn't happen for you, something else will, it always does What is the programme you're wanting to do?
  6. Yes. Often the posts have replies, so sometimes I leave them so that the discourse can continue between the people in the thread without moving and therefore disrupting it. But thanks for pointing that out.
  7. Your pictures are really cool... what kind of camera are you using? I can see you're obviously aware of light and shadow techniques.