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  1. Hi, I've read that acne on dark skin should be treated differently and that some products used on light skin cannot be used on dark as they can cause discolouration. I was wandering what products can be used on darker skin, for example Asian? Also what products can a 11 year old use? My niece just got acne all over her forehead not that long ago (poor girl) and I wanted to get something that she could try but I'm not sure what can be used on such young skin. Also she is Asian so her skin is
  2. I've heard that sometimes it takes couple of courses of accutane for the acne not to come back . For some people it works after one course. I guess I was none of the lucky ones. But my derm told me that when you go on second treatment it decreases the chances of acne coming back again even more.
  3. Hi, I've tried everything prescription topical medication, antybiotics, bp, acne free in 3 days program, laser, facials, blue/red light, laser and nothing seems to work. Laser did clear up the acne pretty well but it soon came back after only a month. They only thing that gave me back my confidence and really cleared my acne was accutane. I know that everyone says that it's the last resort and how harmful it is, but in my opinion when you're struggling with severe acne it's worth it. I was
  4. moniza

    Smoothbeam laser

    Doesn't anyone know if it is safe or not? I was told by Mother Risk that since it's topical it should be ok but it shouldn't be done too often for some reason. Any advice/feedback would be appreciated...
  5. Hi, I noticed my husband's family comments a lot about my skin. He has this sister in-law who thinks she's got perfect skin, she used so many things on her face. She looks very fake. She had laser done on her forehead to make it apprear perfect. She also wears lots of double coverage Lancome powder in a color some shades lighter than her skin color. She has light brown complexion. She is just obsessed about her look. Every time she would see me she would ask what happened and point at my
  6. Hi, I've had severe acne since I was 12. I was on accutane prior to becoming pregnant which totally cleared me up then I waited 5 months and now I'm expecting. My acne came back really bad since I got pregnant. I feel really depressed and don't even enjoy the pregnancy. Everyone commnent on how bad my skin has become and it seems that they are ignorant enough not to realize it's due to pregnancy hormones. I can't live like this anymore and I know this affects the baby as well. I went to d
  7. Unfortunately laser can not be used during pregnancy ( so I was told by every clinic)... I too am experiencing severe acne. I am 9 months pregnant and praying to deliver this baby. My acne started in the 5-6 month stage of pregnancy. It has gotten alot better, but it won't be gone until we deliver. Are you using anything? My OB prescribed erythromycin tabs 500 mg twice a day. I am using a soap called sul-ray, basically consists of 5% sulfur and aloe vera. I use it in the a.m and p.m, I also use
  8. Hi all, I'm 5 months pregnant and got very bad acne. I know there are not so many option and noe of the topical stuff I've tried is working. I did laser before and it did clear the acne up for a short time period. I was considering doing it again but see different opinion regarding using different products. Would anyone know about the safety of the laser? Does it pose any risk to the fetus? Acne is putting me under a great deal of stress and I'm afraid that this might affect my baby.